We've all had those times when Facebook's frequent updates were too much to bear. Don't be alarmed. Thanks to the algorithm, you've found the right article. Here you'll find the answer to the question "how to post gif on Facebook?" as well as any other enquiries you could have along the way.

how to post gif on Facebook
Know-How To Post Gif On Facebook 4

It all started with Harvard University students  Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

They founded the social networking platform in 2004.

Despite the realization that victory was not imminent, the gang remained upbeat.

With one modest step at a time, Facebook transformed international communication, even among strangers, until it was crowned the world's largest social media network in 2012, with over 1 billion members.

Since then, Facebook has gone a long way.

Facebook has never stopped growing, from acquiring other social media firms to improve its platform to allow better interaction among all.

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There have been various upgrades and modifications since the first program was released.

Keeping up with all of the app's updates can be a little difficult at times.

how to post gif on Facebook
Know-How To Post Gif On Facebook 5

But, enough about Facebook and its creators; let's get to the point, which is how to post GIF on Facebook.

Well, there are a few ways you can post a GIF on Facebook on your timeline.

The ways are only slightly different.

The most common method is to find your favorite GIF through the existing options on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you don’t find any of the existing gifs accurate enough, you could create your own GIF and store it. This would require handling some complicated apps.

First, let’s discuss what are gifs?

Post GIF on Facebook

Gifs are essentially a moving picture.

What phrases are to English literature, gifs are to emoji. They help express a very specific type of expression or emotion, with extremely short clips of video.

For example, satire or sarcasm is not very easily expressible through text. Gifs capture the essence of satire or sarcasm in a sentence and help the speaker to deliver their message through text.

It has happened to us many times before. At some point in a conversation, you may have wanted to express joy and the smiley was just not enough.

So you had to take a picture or a video of yourself saying how happy you really were and then showed it to the person.

This essentially cuts out your workout for you. You can now choose from a range of gifs to choose exactly what you want to express.

If only we could have gifs in physical literature! Decoding poems of Sylvia Plath and novels of Shakespeare would have been a breeze.

But alas! We can’t cry over spilt milk now, can we? What they lacked in technology they made up in the knowledge and literary skill.

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All we can do now is accept their fate and move on into the future with ever-improving technology.

Let’s see how to post GIF on Facebook. 

How to post GIF on Facebook?

  • On the top left corner of the home page, you will find the status bar.
  • You can click on the status bar.
  • After you have clicked on the bar a separate window will open up for you to write down what you want to post.
  • There you will find a variety of options including pictures and gifs available.
  • Once you choose the GIF option, there will be a smaller window popping up.
  • Here you can type the type of GIF that you might want to see.
  • There are more than 1500 gifs that Facebook has, for free. You can choose from them.
  • Click on your favorite GIF.
  • Then click the button that says post.

In these few easy steps, you can post your GIF on your timeline on Facebook. 

It is always a pleasure knowing the navigation through your favorite GIF.

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