How to Pin a Post on Facebook
How to Pin a Post on Facebook? 5

Facebook is one of the most popular, influential, and exciting social media platforms today and it has gained the attention of many business from across the globe. From giants in the food industry like Coca Cola and McDonald’s to fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss, all major businesses are on the bandwagon to advertise and promote themselves on Facebook. ‘How to pin a post on Facebook’ is a question asked by many. The reason is mainly that everyone is eager to have more visibility on their Facebook page in order to promote the products or services they are offering.

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Pinning a post is essential every now and then, especially if you make announcements on your page or group. It not only allows you to send out a message but also ensures that everyone who lands on your page will definitely view the message that you have put on top. This is indeed an excellent way to let your audience learn about certain rules or news. You can also get instant feedback as the post, being on top, would certainly get the most views, comments, and reactions. This will immediately let you know how your audience has responded to it!

Keeping in mind the importance of pinning a post, let us discuss in detail how to pin a post on Facebook. Be it on a page or a group, we will walk you through all of it step by step and also discuss how effective it can be for you to achieve your targets on social media.

What does it actually mean to pin a post?

If you pin a post, it will remain at the top of the page until you unpin it. This is a really good feature for pages of businesses that are offering their products or services on Facebook. In order to build engagement, it is highly essential for the business to post frequently. However, some posts are more important than others in terms of creating awareness about the products or services being offered, and they may get lost among other posts.

These important posts can be pinned so the visitors will be able to see them as soon as they open the page. Business pages can pin promotional posts for prospective customers. Pinning a post on a Facebook page requires one to be an administrator or editor of that specific page.

Importance of a pinned post

Before wondering about how to pin a post on Facebook, you might be thinking why it is so important to pin a post on your Facebook page or group. Well, there are many reasons to pin your post. We will discuss a few important ones just to enlighten you with the benefits that a pinned post can bring to your page or group on Facebook.

Pinning a post can drive a lot of traffic to your page and also to your website. You can share the link to your website in the pinned post and from there your audience will definitely land on your website. It is a highly effective strategy to direct the traffic to where you want it to be.

Moreover, it makes things much simpler for the visitors on your page. For instance, if you are running a restaurant and you have announced a new dinner deal, the pinned post can be very useful. You can include a ‘call’ button or ‘shop’ button. If anyone is interested in calling for a reservation or asking for the delivery service, it is much more convenient for them to do so. This pinned post will certainly catch your audience’s attention and serve the purpose of increasing sales or footfall at your restaurant.

Another benefit of a pinned post, especially on a Facebook group, is to educate people about the do’s and don’ts of the group. A pinned post is very useful for new members to know the rules of the group. Also, you can make announcements for different events and let people know about them through a pinned post.

How to pin a post on Facebook pages?

How to pin a post on Facebook pages
How to Pin a Post on Facebook? 6

Pinning a post is a very simple and easy task. Just follow the steps mentioned below:  

  • First, decide which post which is to be pinned.
  • Second, to create a new pin, click on the three dots on the upper-right corner of the post.
  • Third, select “Pin to the top of the page”.

The timeline for the pinned post is 10 days. This means that the post will be automatically unpinned after 10 days. If you want to unpin the post yourself, before 10 days, the steps to unpin the post are the same as stated above. However, keep in mind that a post can be pinned only a single time.

How to make an announcement on a Facebook group?

Are you planning to create a group on Facebook?  Do you want to know how to pin a post on your new group?  Here is what you need to do:

A new feature for Facebook groups is ‘Announcements’. Facebook has replaced the pinning feature with the Announcement section for groups. The feature remains the same but has a different name. Those who are running Facebook groups and have missed this important update on how to pin a post on Facebook groups should look for the ‘Announcement’ feature.

These features or options are only visible to administrators and moderators of the group. Up to 10 announcements can be made at a time in a group, unlike a Facebook page where only a single post can be pinned at one time.  Most of the groups use this function to communicate group rules to the new members of the group and welcome them.

It is a simple three step-process to make an announcement.

  • First, click on the upper-right corner of the announcement post.
  • Next, select “mark as announcement”.
  • Last, select the expiration date.

It’s done!


In the end, we must realize the significance of pinning a post – it can be very valuable to us if used correctly. Be it an online business or community service, a message can be conveyed to millions across the globe with a simple note pinned on the top of your page or group. Not to mention, it’s a very simple process. We hope our guide on how to pin a post on Facebook helps you out!