How To Delete Facebook Message? Find below.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most significant message-sharing platform today. Apart from only sharing messages and staying in touch with your friends and family, you can also do a bunch of other things here. You can add photos, make comments, and a hell of a lot of other stuff. Messaging, however, is one of the most used features of the app. Here's telling you how to delete Facebook message.

how to delete Facebook message
How To Delete Facebook Message? 4

The complete guide on how to delete Facebook message on messenger and PC

On messenger for Android

Facebook messenger is the most downloaded messaging app. To delete a conversation on messenger, open your chats and make long-press on the conversation you want to delete. You'll be prompted with a menu having a bunch of different options to choose from. You can archive, delete, block, or make a new group chat right from there.

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We aim to delete the message, so you only press the delete button. Confirm to the new screen asking you to ensure that you really want to delete the message, and you're done. Remember that it'd delete the entire conversation.

If you want to delete a particular text message or photo instead, go to the desired chat. Make a long press on the desired text or image, and you'll see a bunch of actions. You'll be given choices to reply, copy, forward or remove the selected message. You've got to click on 'remove' and 'remove for you,' and that message is deleted. The delete icon is the 'bin.'

The same applies to how to delete Facebook message in messenger on iOS.

On desktop app and messenger

If you're using the desktop app, here's how you do the same. Scroll down to the conversation that you want to delete. Upon placing your pointer to that, you'll be given an option with three dots placed together. You need to click on this. Upon clicking the dots, a drop-down menu appears with options like Mark as undead, mute the conversation, view the user's profile.

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At the bottom of this list, you find delete chat with the bin icon alongside. You'll be asked to confirm your action once again. Proceed to click on "delete chat," and you're done.

You can also go on to delete individual messages in any chat similarly. Click on the conversation you want to delete the messages from. Now go to the particular message and click the dots alongside it. You can then 'remove' the desired message from there.

On the desktop messenger, click on chats and go to the conversation. Click on three dots and then choose delete > delete. If you want to delete messages from any conversation instead, scroll to that message and click the three dots and then remove followed by a remove again. 

Things to consider before deleting a message

Message deletion on Facebook is permanent. After every request to delete a message or an entire conversation, you'll be asked to reconsider your decision. If you've ended up selecting any message for deletion by mistake, you need to cancel it now. Once deleted, the messages can never be restored back. 

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how to delete Facebook message
How To Delete Facebook Message? 5

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Also, deleting a message doesn't remove it from the recipient's conversation. You can only delete a conversation or parts of it from your account. Once the receiver has seen the message, there's no way you can delete that from their profile.  It completes our guide on how to delete Facebook message.