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Buy IGTV views: Video marketing has become one of the leading strategies in the business world to explore. Where other social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok are taking over the world as an automatic result, Instagram has not been behind.

Instagram, with its 1 billion users, is a king of Social Media with views, comments, likes, reels, raining on daily basis. Now, with Instagram TV becoming popular, marketing has been taken to another level.

All the major marketing businesses are turning towards IGTV to make their presence known in the world, but what is all this fuss about IGTV when there were no comments about it before?

Why are IGTV Video Views Important?

Having more video views on your IGTV account will be a social proof of your presence. However, for deciding how much your Instagram (IGTV) views matter for your business, let’s see how much your business can benefit from the features IGTV platform has to offer.

Popular Video Content:

Videos have become a worldwide tool of awareness since the evolution of social media and IGTV videos, with extended features, can benefit the marketing world more than you think.

  • The demand for content in videos has increased by 54%
  • 80% of all content on the internet is in video format
  • 72% consumers prefer to learn about products through videos and thus, probability to buy products through videos has increased to 97%
  • Among marketers, 53.4% think that IGTV videos are better for promoting a business

Looking at the stats, it’s pretty obvious why your IGTV video content should have more views.

Advantage over competitors:

Since IGTV is still new, you can clearly have an advantage over your competitors and feature your products earlier. Once you establish your market in the Instagram world with a number of followers on Instagram account and views on IGTV video posts, you can not be defeated.

IGTV is better with Instagram followers followers on board as you can post teasers of your videos on your stories and use the ‘see more’ feature to increase the IGTV video views organically.

New Audience With Old Content:

The content that has gained a lot of views and comments on other platforms, like Facebook or YouTube, you can re publish them on your IGTV for the new audience you have there. You will definitely receive more views and comments than you had there with more people on the platform.

That way, you can promote your business on multiple platforms with the same content and save some time with content creation.

Content in Video Series:

IGTV videos are popular for themed video series. Influencers use it to post videos and link them to the Instagram profile to let followers have a more in depth sight of their content, while business marketers use it to release product features to build anticipation among the followers.

Little views of your behind story with IGTV video series in the form of bloopers, product manufacturing and insight into the procedure will develop quality trust in your followers. You can also post a series of interviews from satisfied customer community as a promotion strategy.

IGTV vs YouTube:

YouTube is more popular among social media users than IGTV, but in business terms, IGTV video features are much more advanced. Optimized for smartphones, IGTV video is designed in the vertical form where user doesn’t have to change orientation unlike YouTube.

It is well known that YouTube videos’ most unwanted feature is the interruption of ads while watching. Your IGTV video will not be interrupted like that, as there are no ad breaks in the videos till date.

Thus, your IGTV videos must have more views for customers to buy your products and benefit your business, as much better features of IGTV will surpass even YouTube one day.

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How Can You Increase Your IGTV Views?

You can increase your video views, IGTV must be connected to your Instagram account. Your followers on Instagram will watch your videos following your stories through ‘see more’ feature. You can use all the strategies to make the video quality better so that viewers properly engage with your content.


Did you just create the Instagram profile? Then you wouldn’t have enough follower count to depend upon. For an instant boost, you can always buy views and likes for your IGTV  account as it will ensure that you market your business to the real folks out there. During the initial days of your business promotion, the thing you need the most are views, comments and likes; and you can buy Instagram TV views to get all that at once.

Why Should You Buy Instagram TV Views?

Buying IGTV views might not sound like a good idea to you, but it will absolutely benefit you if you buy from right service provider. Buying IGTV views will get your video to the target audience and with the platform being new, it will attract more audience than normal with no competition around.

You can pay attention to your business promotion solely without worrying about low IGTV video views. With IGTV views, Instagram will be your market. Vogue US, The Economist and Netflix are a few names that get views in a million or more count on their IGTV video series. Not that they buy them, but those are big names. For you to make your presence known, just buy the views to make your content reach to more people.

What you have to be careful about, is your choice of agency for the purchase. Remember to make sure that your service provider is offering you all that you want when you buy your IGTV views.

What is Galaxy Marketing?

www.galaxymarketing.global is a web-page that works as a growth agent for any social media platforms. They offer Facebook comments, TikTok likes, Instagram followers, and many more. It’s a platform where users can search and order the service they want. As a customer support service, even the custom made services are available.

Since the establishment in 2017, the site has been successfully working with many clients and has satisfied them with their customer service. It offers services like buying IGTV views, likes and comments, followers etc. for any account you want.

what is galaxy marketing?

Why Galaxy Marketing?

There are tons of marketers who will offer you packages on affordable prices if you get igtv views, but what makes this platform so special? Simple, it is a web page designed for you and will provide you all the services in one place. Let’s see what you can enjoy with Galaxy Marketing:

Real Viewers:

When you buy Instagram TV views, most of the times, you will get views as a count which will not mean anything to you as a marketer. When you buy, you would want real people to watch your video on Facebook, TikTok, IGTV, etc. and show engagement with honest reviews, likes and comments. Can you have all this with the views you purchased?

Galaxy Marketing offers you genuine views and bring audience to watch your videos and show engagement with them. The package you purchased will be worthwhile your money.

Exceptional Delivery Service:

When it comes of accuracy in delivery services, Galaxy Marketing is a specialist. After you are done buying Instagram TV views, it usually takes them only hours to process your delivery. the promise is about fast and secure delivery and quality assurance.

The delivery time is estimated according to the size of your order. If you buy views in large amounts, then the delivery will be on the course of days so to make the views stable on the video and not busting your credibility as a brand owner.

All In One Services:

Their services are diverse too. They will support any platform you want, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, TikTok, Google+ and many more. If you want to buy the engagement on your platform, but can’t find it on the website, you can buy the custom deal of likes, comments, follows or views service you want for IGTV, TikTok, Instagram Profile or whatever.

In your case, the amount of Instagram TV views you want to buy, can be custom made by contacting the team directly via email or live chat option and you can also negotiate the delivery time, price and amount of Instagram TV views you buy.

Quality Service:

Views service you purchase will be of high quality. The IGTV views will be stable and delivered gradually, for guaranteed boost to your video popularity. Even if you are a new user, buying Instagram views will bring the stability to your account via smooth process, if not an instant boost to the top.

All the positive reviews on their page and thousands of satisfied audience gives you a proof of their guaranteed support and service that many users are enjoying, and you can too, if you buy Instagram TV views for your channel today.

Guaranteed Support:

Galaxy Marketing has got your back all the time. When you buy views for your IGTV, you will be supported all the way, even after the purchase is complete. They believe in quality more than anything, and will stay with you until the end.


Their support team will always be in contact with you throughout the process. If you buy Instagram TV views, and the delivery goes wrong, you can ask for a refund. Furthermore, there is a guaranteed refill if the IGTV views go down below the original count.

Your Privacy Matters:

Galaxy Marketing ensures that your data is safe with them. They will not share it to any third parties without your consent. Moreover, you can buy your Instagram TV views anonymously if you do not want anyone to find out about it.


Unlike other marketers, the website will not ask about the ID or Password of your IGTV profile. The only thing you need to share with them is the URL to your video when you buy Instagram IGTV views. Your privacy protection is guaranteed.








How Does It Work?


You can place your order from galaxymarketing.global as follows:

  • Find the package you want on the page and add the link (URL) to your IGTV video into the given space OR create your own affordable package of IGTV views by contacting them directly
  • Complete your payment via PayPal, SOFORT Banking, Credit Card or mobile SMS Payment
  • As soon as your payment is processed, you will get your IGTV views delivered in the matter of hours

buy igtv views asked questions


Yes, they will be real and organic people who will show engagement with the video posts in the form of comments, and thus increase traffic to your IGTV video.

Fake IGTV views bring the ratings down, but if the views are real, you are safe to buy them. In fact, buying Instagram views is better than any other campaigns you can run for brand promotion.

If your IGTV views decrease below the amount you ordered, the company will support you by a free refill of the IGTV views you lost. Therefore, you can trust the support they provide to customers.

No, the amount of IGTV Views will be 10-30% more than the amount you ordered. When you buy IGTV views, Galaxy Marketing makes sure that there is no chance of miss delivery and the delivery is smooth.

If you have any questions when you buy IGTV views, use the live chat option in the down left corner or directly mail them at [email protected] for your queries. Just make sure that you add your ‘views order’ ID in the email so that the response is quick.

If you are planning to make a large package of IGTV views, just contact the support team and they will make a good deal for you with a discount.

You can make your payment using PayPal, SOFORT Banking, Credit Card or SMS payment service. Choose any method you find convenient when you buy IGTV views.

Delivery time depends on the views service you use. However, delivery starts after a few hours of the order. Especially for large views orders, it is split over a few days, but the delivery time for them can be chosen by the customers.

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