With its one billion user count, Instagram can take over the world any time now. If hearing that makes you want to become a noticeable part of it, you should have a perfect username that will create an impact on your followers.

When creating a trademark username for your future followers, you may come up with one that you really like but find out that it is already taken.

If the user is active, you would have to come up with another name or add underscores, periods, special characters or a number to make it different than the original one. However, if that person has been inactive for a long time, you can think of taking the username for yourself. If the username is reserved by someone else, it is crucial to know and find out if that account is inactive or not.

In this article, we will tell you all about how you could get a trademark Instagram username for your account.

Why is Your Instagram Username Important?

Usernames on Instagram are important if you are running a business through various social media accounts. On all the social media platforms, you should ideally get the same username to make your trademark and encourage hashtags.

Once you have created your account, you must wait before you can start to post content or even add stories. You will need to enter personal information, like your name and even your birthday (eg. 21st February). For the Instagram username you want, you may encounter the message “This username is already taken”. What will you do then? Should you just choose another Instagram username for your business account?

The trademark usernames are crucial to prove the credibility of your company on all your social media accounts.

Company Trademark

Having trademark Instagram username that is the same as all your other accounts will prove that the company is legit and that the owner is serious about business. Usernames can even be deemed identities for people, so you must choose it carefully.

Easy To Manage

If you are managing multiple accounts on social media, it might be best to have the same username for every one of them.

For example, if you have an account on Facebook and you want to expand your brand name to Instagram or any other platform, it will be easy for your Facebook followers to find you there if you have the same username. They can track your account and follow you there easily.

Trendy Usernames

No matter how many accounts you have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Youtube, it’s all about being unique and having the usernames to show for it. You must have a trendy username for your brand that is just the right fit for it. Instagram allows users to have a 30 characters long username but it is always best to keep it abbreviated and short to avoid any confusions (example: .february).

Bigger Audience

The same username will also allow you to promote your webpage via your Instagram account as you share links and sneak peeks of your blog posts or articles there that could have otherwise bored your followers as they would find it irrelevant.

Sharing blog posts and helpful articles of your webpage via the same Instagram username will make your audience curious about your brand instead of getting bored if you use the right marketing tactics.

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    Can You Claim An Inactive Instagram Account (Username)?

    Keep on reading this article to find out how or whether you can claim an Instagram account name that is taken.

    If, for example, the Instagram username you want is claimed and you have created an account, you will have problems with that. You can either create a new name for yourself or claim an inactive Instagram username. A fake or inactive Instagram account is deleted from the platform after a certain time period by Instagram. You might have witnessed it yourself if you have ever lost inactive followers from your account overnight.

    You can try to claim an inactive Instagram username by contacting the owner via e-mail, if provided. Sometimes there is no contact info or mail given, but you cannot decide if the account is active or not.

    Try To Contact The Owner

    If the email address or other contact information is given in the bio under the name, you can contact the owner and ask them to sell the Instagram account to you. If there is no info provided, it might be difficult to make contact. However, a service provider can do this for you.

    Create Your Trademark

    You can create a trademark name for your account by filling a simple form and then claim the Instagram username. You can claim the Instagram username if you report that particular account. They might delete the account on your request and assign the username to you instead.

    Check If Account Is Inactive

    Many users on Instagram do not post any content but keep their account to browse through other users’ content that they post. This is why, even if you see no content on the account, it does not signify an inactive account. These accounts may also not have a lot of followers.

    Instagram accounts are determined to be active based on the activity of the user, and not all activity is visible to the public. You can hire a service provider to locate the inactive account.

    Why is Hiring a Service Provider a Good Idea?

    Instead of all this hard work to claim the username for your Instagram account, you can simply contact a service provider to do all the work for you.

    In order to hire a good service provider, you must look for these qualities:

    All-in-One Service

    Your service provider be able to give you everything you want in the single order. They must find the inactive Instagram account, claim your trademark, report the account, request your claim to delete the inactive or fake account, and recover the username for you. It will save you time to try to search the username yourself and fill all forms; instead, you can just wait out the entire process.

    Customer Satisfaction

    The best sites are those that have their customers satisfied with their service. They will have your back 24/7 and will guide you properly through the whole process until you are done claiming your Instagram username.

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    Privacy Protection

    Good service providers always try to protect your data and do not use it without your consent. They will not ask you for the login info of your Instagram account or any other such credentials. The app or site demanding this info is not trustworthy at all.

    Search for a site that gives you all that and much more. Our suggestion is Galaxy Marketing, as they have been dealing with social media growth for years and they are the real pros when it comes to claiming an inactive Instagram account.

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    What is Galaxy Marketing?

    www.galaxymarketing.global is a website that is working as a social media growth agency for companies and influencers since its establishment in 2017. They provide every service in regards to the growth of your popularity or business accounts on social media, be it Instagram followers, Facebook likes and comments, Instagram IGTV or YouTube views. They have got you covered.

    Why Galaxy Marketing?

    Out of all other service providers, why should you choose Galaxy Marketing? Here are a few facts that will convince you to choose them for a service provider.

    Customer Support

    Making a purchase online cannot be satisfactory until you have confidence in your service provider. Galaxy Marketing provides services that are best suited to you and they always have your back, unlike other sites you will find.

    Custom Offers

    In order to claim an inactive Instagram username, you need your offer custom-made for yourself. Galaxy Marketing supports its customers by allowing them to place custom orders through mail or live chat option and set all the details themselves exactly as they want.

    Ready to Buy Username

    All the fuss of contacting the owner and sealing the deal will make you wait for a time longer than you want. Instead, you can just leave it to Galaxy Marketing to get an inactive Instagram Username you want.

    They will find out whether the account is inactive or fake, will get it deleted, or deal with the owner if the account is active. They will help you through the entire process until you have claimed the inactive account successfully.

    How Does It Work?


    If you want to claim an inactive Instagram account today, just search www.galaxymarketing.global on the web to reach the Galaxy Marketing website and place your order. You can follow these steps to place your order:

    • Choose the username you want or make a custom order via the email or live chat option
    • Place the order
    • Complete your payment via PayPal, SOFORT Banking, credit card or SMS payment
    • You will be informed of the delivery time and process


    Instagram rules do not state that inactive accounts or usernames cannot be bought. In fact, they delete the inactive account themselves after a certain period.

    Copyrights are achieved if the owners fill a certain form to obtain a trademark on Instagram. Galaxy Marketing follows the proper procedure to get an inactive Instagram username or account, so you will not face any trademark infringement issues.

    If you apply for a refund before the order is processed, you can get your payment back. However, if your order to get inactive Instagram username is in process, you can’t get a refund.

    If you have any questions regarding your purchase or want to place an order to get an inactive Instagram username, you can contact the support team via the live chat option on the website or directly through their email address at [email protected] to reach their team.

    Discounts are often offered on larger orders but you can try to contact the team directly to discuss and get a discount on your order.