Social media is a significant business tool in the present day. Various businesses organize ad campaigns and other activities to reach people. Some users also create Facebook pages to propagate their brand. They figure out the potential customers through the likes, comments, and other reactions towards their content. The search for how to change page name on Facebook has become prevalent now. 

Why change Page Name? 

Some users also create pages on Facebook for entertainment. We find a lot of meme pages and other engaging profiles on the platform. Be it for any purpose, reaching more people is needed to sustain. So, it is natural to look for different ways to engage people. One way of doing it is by changing the page’s name to something intriguing. 

Moreover, business pages also request name changes for various reasons - the business name is changed, there are different collabs, or anything else. It is quite common to look for how to change page name on Facebook now. The following information delineates this query. 

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how to change page name on Facebook

Modifying the Page Name on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, two different categories look for how to change page name on Facebook. One is for the general pages, and the other comes from business pages. 

  1. For General Pages

A general page is anything other than a business page. It can be for promotions, entertainment, and a lot more. Note that only the page admins can change the name. So, if you are one, follow the process explained below:

  • Log in to your Facebook and head to the Newsfeed column. 
  • Select the ‘Pages’ option, go to the desired page and click on the ‘Page Settings’ icon. You will find it at the bottom towards the left. 
  • Go to the ‘Page Info’ from the left-side menu and click on the page name dialogue box. 
  • Enter the new name and click anywhere outside the box. 
  • Review the changes and click on the ‘Request Change’ option. 
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Changing a page’s name wouldn’t affect its username. Moreover, if you are unable to perform this action, it might be due to the following reasons. 

  • The name is changed recently. 
  • You don’t have a page role, or you are not the admin. 
  • There are some restrictions on the page. 

Also, note that you cannot change the name of a regional page when it is a part of any global page. 

  1. For Business Pages: 

You can also change the page name on Facebook through the Business Manager tool. Ensure that the new name abides by Facebook’s Page Name Standards before changing. The steps are as follows: 

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  • Open your Facebook page and go to the ‘About’ section from the menu available towards the left side. 
  • Click on the ‘General and Name’ option and select ‘Edit.’ 
  • Enter the changed name and select ‘Continue.’ 
  • Review the changes and complete the process by clicking on ‘Request Change.’ 

Once the name change request is placed, it usually takes around 7 days for the changes to happen. During this period, you cannot unpublish the page or place another name change request. Facebook sometimes asks for additional information based on the request, if necessary. You will then receive a final confirmation related to the changes. 

how to change page name on Facebook

Changing the Page’s Username: 

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As we mentioned earlier, changing the page’s name will not affect its username. You can change the page’s username on Facebook as well. 

  • Verify the Username Guidelines set by Facebook and then open your page. 
  • Again, go to the ‘About’ Section from the menu towards the left. 
  • Select the ‘General and Username’ option. Click on the ‘Edit’ or Create Page @username option. 
  • Enter the changes and press ‘Create.’ 

Sometimes the chosen username might be taken by someone else. So, think of 2-3 names and then begin the process to avoid the hassle.