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One way of increasing views is to do so in a manual and gradual process. However, this process may take years as it is not easy to increase video views instantly. One of the best ways to get organic views is to use a service.

This will greatly increase your brand’s reputation and popularity when you have significant video views. You can also split views for multiple videos.

Galaxy Marketing is one of the best place to buy instagram views. We have excellent reviews from our clients. Instead of increasing views in a gradual manner, we promise instant delivery and real views.

No password required to add views to your videos. We have 24/7 support for our valued clients.Use our services today and enjoy fast delivery. Your views count will increase in no time at all! You could be the next big star!

What Counts as a video View on Instagram?

When a user watches your video for more than 3 seconds, that will be counted as a video view on instagram. That means, you can tell that how many people have watched your instagram videos for more than 3 seconds.

Instagram pays a lot of attention to profile impressions and post engagement. If a user saw your video for barely a second, then that will not be counted as a view. This actually shows that people are not interested in your video content so it may be time to step up your game! Video views act as reviews from the audience that tells you if they are interested in your video content or not. You can improve your content accordingly.

Are multiple video views counted?

No, Instagram does not count multiple video views for the same video. It counts one view per account, regardless of whether this account watched a video more than once. When you view a video for more than three seconds, it will automatically be counted as a video view.

If you view your own video, is that counted as an Instagram View?

This is a very simple question, often asked by many users. Yes, if you view your own video post, instagram will count it as one view, as long as you watch it for more than three seconds. You will see an increase in video views as more instagram users watch your video.

rank your instagram stories

How Does Instagram Rank Your Instagram Stories Views?

You might have noticed that some of your instagram friends are shown at the top of viewers for your instagram stories. It is a common mistake to think that the people shown at the top are those who interact with your profile the most or who visit your instagram account often. In fact, it is the other way around. The instagram users who you interact with the most are shown at the top of story viewers.

What affects Instagram engagement?

Factors that may impact an Instagram story or instagram videos include:

  • Number of Instagram followers
  • Number of people who see your post
  • Hashtags
  • Frequency of your feed posts
  • Type of content
  • Timeliness of content
  • Number of fake accounts following you
  • 24/7 support from audience

Get more views for increased engagement for your brand

Is it difficult for you to get high quality views on your Instagram videos? want to get Instagram views easily? Are you concerned that your videos are not reaching the target audience and customers?

Consider the fact that there are billions of Instagram accounts today. Popular videos are even featured on Instagram’s explore page. It should not be a big problem to get video views, considering the statistics. However, with every passing second, there is a new video on instagram going viral and getting 24/7 support from the audience.

It reduces the probability to get more views for lesser-known instagram accounts. Thus this problem of lesser views can greatly affect your business and customers may loose trust in your brand or company.

Whereas, if your account has a greater number of views, it will increase brand awareness and attract more customers to invest in your business or service. It will also increase the chance of your post being featured in the explore page of instagram and improving page impressions. Create unique content that will engage your customers with 24/7 support and make them trust your brand and company.

More views on instagram means more brand recognition on social media platforms. If you wish to distinguish your brand from potential competitors, then you need to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing that is to buy views on instagram to increase the number of high quality views on your posts.

This will help you save precious time that can be spent on creating unique content, instead of wasting time pondering over how you increase the view count for your videos.

There are certain sites that offer packages to buy ig views in affordable prices. Galaxy Marketing is one such website that allows you to choose your desired package and get instant delivery and receive high quality views.

Our services are 100% safe and we deliver guaranteed organic views to your instagram account. All we need is your instagram username. No password required to buy any of our packages. We also offer you the option to split the instagram views you buy on more than one post.

Top 6 Reasons to buy Instagram Views

6 reasons to buy instagram views

There are certain benefits for buying Instagram views as mentioned below:

Boosts your Credibility

You tend to maximise the online presence of your profile and enhance your credibility when you buy views to boost your Instagram profile. Choosing the right package of Instagram views from a trustworthy provider is required to achieve your goal. This is because there are fake views out there that can harm your account. We will recommend some service providers to you later in this article. This option will boost the credibility of your profile and attract more views from the entire Instagram platform.

You are on your way to being Popular.

When you are famous on a social media platform like Instagram, there is a sense of happiness that flows within. An effective way to be popular is posting on Instagram with a high number of views. All you need is quality content and Video views.

You Gain More Customers

Users who decide to follow you will be attracted to your profile when you buy massive Instagram views. You will get more users by buying these Instagram views. Many people believe that your products and services are worth trying when they see many views on your posts. A famous brand or company is trusted by clients. Use this opportunity to reach more customers with 24/7 support and achieve your business goals, as the goal of every business is to get huge returns on investment.

To get Quick Results on Investment.

Wi.th this complete safe process, your Instagram views are guaranteed with success, and your results will show without wasting time. The number of people that are viewing and being impacted by the content you post on Instagram dictates the performance of your brand on various sites like social media. Because their followers and viewership increased within a short period, many brands have acquired popularity within a few days.

You can earn from having Many Views.

Companies hire Instagram users with a massive amount of views on their posts to promote their companies or services to their customers apart from promoting products on their accounts. If you want to locate your clients with just one post is by buying Instagram views. Once you are known for reaching a reasonable audience, and show that you have 24/7 support, businesses will be coming to you for promotion. This implies that you are likely to be hired when you have a high view count.

Get Real Views Online

You can’t wait endlessly for people first to view your post. You have to take a bold step (like others) to buy a few Instagram views online to bring your post to the limelight before others follow suit. The online sources sell the Video views for a small fee as they have a long list of real users. With this, the credibility of your profile will be enhanced, as you are likely to get real and genuine views from real users after your purchase. This will increase the number of users that view your posts, while other users will also be encouraged to follow you as well.

Where to buy views for instagram videos?

It is advisable to look before you leap when you are considering to buy Insta views. You don’t need to worry, as there are websites or sites that offer an exchange for real Instagram views from real accounts and will save you from any problem as they are 100% authentic and are more particular about what they offer.

To boost your Instagram posts, lives and your entire account credibility, you can rely on their services. Look for sites that offer instant delivery and no password required to buy views.  Check our website for instant views frequently.

where to buy instagram views from

Why views are important

During the first years of Instagram, you can only post photos. However, with their recent updates, they have added a feature which allows you to post video snippets onto your feed. These videos can last between three to sixty seconds — making sharing more fun on this social media. More views also shows that your account and videos have 24/7 support from the audience as compared to slow and gradual increase in video views.

With this, every video you post can now drive in more engagements and catch the eye of potential customers, so it is important to step up your game when posting them. Here’s how your Instagram video views can influence your popularity:

Keep your post on top of Instagram feeds

Remember that Instagram has an algorithm now which puts the most relevant and most viewed posts on top of every users’ feed. This means that if your video has gained more views than others, it is likely to become more visible than other posts uploaded at the same time.

Increase engagements

Now, as your video become more visible to a lot of users, it also attracts more engagements through likes and comments. The wider the reach, the better. Apropos of engagements increase, you can always go for the easy way,buy instagram views, and watch your videos become viral instantly. Buy cheap instagram video views, buy real instagram video views, buy video views for instagram. How to buy instagram views? GalaxyMarketing is here! Buy 500 instagram views, buy 250 instagram views, buy 10k instagram views as many as you want!

Attract potential followers

In addition to engagements, a highly viewed video also has a wider reach which means it can show up on other people’s feeds — users that are outside of your circle. It increases the chances of attracting new followers.








Tips to increase views


As you can see, Instagram views have a major impact on your account. This means that you have to go the extra mile to make sure that they gain high quality views — making all of your efforts creating it so worth it. Here are some tips that may help you increase views from real people.

Keep your videos interesting

Of course, to catch people’s attention, you must keep them interested. Think of original video ideas that have the potential of getting viral. Make sure that it is of good quality as viewers like those better.

Use hashtags

For your video to possibly reach more people, utilise the function of hashtags. They have always been there for the purpose of classifying posts that are related. Adding hashtags on your captions does not require any effort at all. You just have to make sure that you are using popular hashtags that are followed by many people.

Buy Instagram views

One method that gives results almost in an instant is through buying Instagram views. If you did not know, this is a thing now. You can buy IG views to increase the engagements of your videos and impressions on your page. Prices may vary depending on the package that you are going to avail. What makes this better is that these services provide real views from real Instagram accounts.

is it safe to buy instagram views

Is it safe to buy instagram views?

Just like you buy Instagram likes, you can buy real and active instagram views. We, at Galaxy Marketing, care deeply about your privacy and safety.

Our services for buying views is 100% safe and secure. We guarantee you quality results. If you face any problem, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support service. We are available to answer any queries you may have. No password required to buy any of our views packages.

If you buy instagram video views, you will observe an increase in your likes and views. This will boost your account and help make your videos go viral. People to follow in the footsteps of those who are being widely praised and accepted by the community. They will check the likes, video views, and followers of an account before deciding if they want to support that account that has the most user impressions.

By using social media services from our website, you can easily buy organic and real instagram views with instant delivery, guaranteed. Our fast delivery service ensures you receive your order in time. We take care of all of our customer demands with our 24/7 support.

Whether you buy comments, views or likes, our instagram services are completely safe with affordable prices. Once you purchase instagram views, they will not be visible as purchased followers to any user. You will receive real, active, organic and high quality views, and no password required to add the views to your profile.

Having more video views will give you a confidence boost as well. When you see thousands of views on your posts, you will not be hesitant while posting content on any other social media platform.

When you become famous, you can be way more comfortable while posting new content and be more careful at the same time, because you know what you post will be seen by more people. This process, which affects you in every area from your profile to your life, can be done from all smart devices with internet access.

Buying views will not only help you get famous, but it will also increase your instagram account’s exposure.

Why should i buy instagram views from Galaxy Marketing?

In case you are having doubts to buy instagram views , here are the top 5 reasons we are the right website service for you:

Customer Support

Our offer 24/7 support. We try to take care of every customer’s needs. Reach out to us via email, or contact us directly. Our team of experts will guide you and answer any concerns you may have. We are always ready to help out!

100% Confidentiality

Your privacy is our top priority. No password required and we never ask for personal information. Your followers will also not be able to see that you have purchased instagram views.

Competitive Pricing Packages

You do not need a ton of money to purchase our services. We have many options for you to choose from. All of our packages are available at a reasonable price. Buy the package for high quality views that suits your needs. We care about our customers and we always offer solutions that guarantee value for money! We also offer 24/7 support to our clients. No password required for any of our packages.

Instant Delivery

We take pride in our fast delivery services. You will receive your package within the delivery time that was mentioned at the time of payment. Once we finish processing your payment, you will receive high quality views instantly.

Safe and secure purchase

We guarantee 100% safe services for every payment through our website. Galaxy Marketing cares about the security and privacy of your instagram account, therefore we do not make use of any third-party for transactions, thus we give instant delivery to our clients. No password required to buy real views from real people via our services.

buy safe and secure instagram views
Dein Image verbessern 99%
Noch mehr Abonnenten erreichen 100%
Mehr Views erhalten 95%
Erhöhtes Ranking 89%

Buying Instagram views will help you achieve organic reach. That’s because many people who view your content will then want to follow you, exposing your account to their network of friends.

Yes, you can buy monthly subscriptions for Instagram views. This will give you a steady flow of views over the course of the month and can help to boost your visibility and engagement on the platform.

To buy Instagram views, go to a company like ours and make an order for the number of likes you want to purchase.

We offer different speeds to our customers, so they can choose the one that best suits their needs. Our fastest package offers views within 12 hours.

No, you only need to provide your Instagram username in order for us to fulfill your order.

Get IG views

Instagram was originally a place where you share pictures only. However, those years of Instagram have gone, and present-day Instagram has a lot of video sharing options too! These Instagram videos can either be a simple videos, a reel, or Instagram stories.

The Instagram accounts with a lot of followers get instant Instagram views and Instagram story views. This is because of the number of followers they have. 

But did you know that you do not need to have a lot of followers to get lots of Instagram views and likes too? Here’s how you can get Insta views, either on your story or the videos that you upload.

Buy from us!

Our website provides a service where you can pay for free Instagram views. We also sell real IG views, which will also show up on your phone in real-time in case of any doubts.

You can also buy the views that you want on either your story or video in specific amounts. For example, you can buy 50 Instagram video views for your Instagram videos or for your Instagram story. There are other amounts of views that you can select for your posts.

Why IG views are important

IG views, whether it be on your Instagram videos or on your stories, are really important for your account to grow and gain more followers. More views mean that you will also show up on the search feeds of a lot of Instagram accounts solely because of the number of views you have.

A person can also get satisfaction when they pay for Instagram views because having lots of views on your story or posts is therapeutic and gives validation and assurance to the account owner.

Wait no longer anymore; go buy those views for your posts from our website now.

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