Where Is The Code Generator On Facebook? Read below.

With increasing social media reach and millions flocking to connect to people, there's always the risk of a security breach. As such, social media accounts are vulnerable to lose their personal information to the hands of those looking to make exploitation. You can adopt some ways to make an extra guard on your profile quite simply in a couple of steps. That is by using the 2-factor authentication. Here's telling where is the code generator on Facebook for this.

where is the code generator on Facebook
Where Is The Code Generator On Facebook? 4

What is two-factor authentication?

The two-factor authentication is one of Facebook's added security measures to make the complete social media hack-proof. Users can choose to use the feature to add some extra login authenticity alongside their credentials. Here's how this works.

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Once you turn the two-factor authentication on, you'll be asked to enter a unique code alongside your username and password every time you log in to your account. This code would be unique each time you log in. There's also another way of making the two-factor login, by confirming your account differently. Using code is the easiest and most sought-after method, though.

Unrecognised access difficulty

If someone else tries logging in from your account, you'll be notified of unrecognized access. Also, whoever tries logging in would have to enter some code that is only known to your phone number registered with the account.

So, whenever you try logging in from an unknown device, Facebook will text you a code on the registered mobile number that you would need to enter all the time. You can also choose a different way of entering codes. Facebook gives a bunch of unique codes on your profile that you can use to enter without an SMS code. It's called using the code generator.

You can save yourself from this hassle by adding some frequently used devices to your profile. You wouldn't need to enter the codes from recognized devices that way. If you’ve been bothered finding where is the code generator on Facebook, here’s a guide to that.

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where is the code generator on Facebook
Where Is The Code Generator On Facebook? 5

Where is the code generator on Facebook?

  • Go to the Facebook app and log in with the user credentials. (It is assuming that you have already activated the two-factor authentication.)
  • After you've logged in, tap the far-right corner with the three parallel dots or the 'more' button.
  • Now click settings and privacy. After this, scroll down to the bottom to find the code generator.
  • You can find a six-digit code there. Ensure to use it within 30 seconds of its generation (60 secs in some devices). The code automatically expires if not used within the given time. Now that you've seen what the code is, you can use it to log in into your new device.
  • Every time you request for a code from the code generator, it gives you a new, never-before code. Do not share this code with anyone, though.

Should I use it?

While the vast majority of Facebook users don't use the two-factor authentication, we'd recommend you start using it right away. Your social media accounts can be vulnerable at times. An added security measure can prove to be that extra bit of comfort against such possibilities. There's technically zero chance of any hacker phishing his way into your account with the two-factor authentication enabled. If, however, you want to have some legit likes on your Facebook posts, here’s how you do that. Now that you’ve found where is the code generator on Facebook, activate the two-factor authentication now. And start using the code generator. Or opt for an SMS every time you demand a new code. Be cybersecurity-smart.

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