Millions of people use Facebook to connect with each other. Anyone with an account on Facebook can send and receive friend requests and connect with them. How to unfriend on Facebook became a common search nowadays for various reasons. Some reasons for this action are: 

  • You feel that your account has too many people on the friends’ list. 
  • You accepted someone’s request by mistake. 
  • You no longer wish to stay connected with certain people. 
  • Your friends’ list has some deactivated accounts. 

These are some of the many causes why we need to know how to unfriend on Facebook. Of course, we can do it to anyone whenever we feel like it. No reasons are necessary for this action. After all, it is our personal account, right? We’d decide whom to keep and whom not to. 

how to unfriend on Facebook
How to unfriend on Facebook – Different Scenarios 4

Unfriending an Account on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, this action can be due to various reasons. It could sometimes be due to unwanted attention as well. Actions like likes and comments on our content feel great. But what if that crosses the mark? Don’t worry. Just unfriend such people. Wonder what happens when you unfriend someone from your Facebook account? Have a look: 

  • The person would be removed from your friends’ list. You will no longer be there in their network as well. 
  • The person cannot see the content you post privately. However, they can still see the public content and locate your profile
  • Either you or the other person has to send in a friend request again if you wish to reconnect. 
  • This action is possible in two different ways – for people on your friends’ list and for deactivated accounts on the same list. 

Unfriending Someone on the List

The following is the process for how to unfriend on Facebook in simple steps. 

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  • Log in to your Facebook account on any device of your choice. 
  • Go to the desired person’s profile either through your friends’ list or by typing their name in the search bar. 
  • You’ll find a profile symbol icon at the top of the window when you open their profile. 
  • Press it and click on the ‘Unfriend’ option and click ‘Confirm.’ 

Sometimes, we may not find the intended accounts through the Facebook search bar. This happens when the user deactivates the account. We can unfriend deactivated accounts as well. 

Unfriending a Deactivated Account 

Commonly, people deactivate their Facebook accounts now and then. It is like taking an off from social media. If you find too many deactivated accounts on your profile, you can unfriend them in the following way: 

  • Log in to your Facebook handle on the device of your preference. 
  • Click on the profile picture icon present on the top of the window towards the right side. 
  • Select the ‘Friends’ option from all the displayed choices. 
  • Search for the person’s name or scroll down and find their account from the list. 
  • There is a ‘…’ symbol against each person’s name present on the list. Click the symbol next to the desired account and select the ‘Unfriend’ option. 
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Facebook doesn’t notify people when you unfriend them from your handle. However, they can know it when they visit your profile or check their friends’ list. They can also send a friend request if they wish to reconnect with you. Block the accounts if you want to restrict some people completely. 

how to unfriend on Facebook
How to unfriend on Facebook – Different Scenarios 5

If you block someone, they cannot communicate with you over Facebook Chat and Messenger or call you. They cannot find your profile either. If you wish to do so, 

  • Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option on your Facebook account. 
  • Select ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Blocking’ from the menu present towards the left. 
  • Head to the ‘Block Users’ section and enter the profile name to be blocked. 
  • Click on ‘Block’ and confirm the same. 

We can also do the same by directly opening the person’s profile, clicking on the ‘…’ icon against the cover photo, and pressing ‘Block.’ You can unblock whenever you want to.