Unfortunately, the ‘mark message as an unread’ option is limited to business accounts only. Private funds dofundse this feature and will need to switch to a business account if they wish to use it.

Why can't I unread messages on Instagram? It is one of users' most often asked queries, particularly given the variety of ways companies may utilize Instagram DM for business! Before recent modifications to Instagram, there wasn't an in-app solution to this issue; corporate accounts now have access to unread messages.

You will be aware of which messages require your attention when you return. However, even if you manage a business account, it is still challenging. The seen receipt of an Instagram message is retained even after you have unread it. In other words, it won't delete the saw receipt but will classify the Instagram message as unread.

What if you don't have a business account with them? Or how about removing the viewed receipt from the texts you've read?! The good news is that you don't have to wait for Instagram's future to allow you to unread DMs. Some hacks will enable you to mark your Instagram direct messages as unread and return to them anytime you like. That is what we will discuss here.

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So, stay tuned to learn how to unread Instagram DMs.

How to Mark Instagram Messages as Unread (For Personal Account)

As previously stated, the unread option is only accessible for corporate accounts. So, if you have an Instagram business account, you may use it.

The crucial question is, "What if you have a personal Instagram account?" What if you need to unread a mail on your account? Is it still possible to delete an unread message?

Here's some excellent news for you.

To view unread Instagram messages, utilize the third-party software Hide Last Seen - No Blue Ticks.

Any DMs on Instagram will be kept automatically in the Hide Last Seen - No Blue Ticks app. Here, you may view messages without knowing what they say, and Instagram's last-seen time will also be hidden.

How to Mark Instagram Messages as Unread (For Business Account)

Instagram users with a business account may find flag discussions quickly as unread. You may always designate the texts as unread and unseen from the Instagram app, regardless of whether the debate is on the main page or general tab.

Here's how to do it:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen when your inbox is open. It resembles the hamburger emblem.
  • You will be given the choice of choosing the chat you want to designate as unread or delete.
  • Then click "more" after selecting the discussion.
  • Choose "Mark as unread" from the list of choices.
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It's crucial to remember that this is only a technique for you to identify the chat as unread rather than unseen. You may only use it to mark the discussion as unread and save it for later reading. Please take note that the PC version does not currently support this option.

Another Method for Unreading Instagram Messages

Simply said, you can't grant the request made by the individual seeking to contact you. Without letting them know you've seen and read their texts, you may read strangers' messages under the "message requests" area.

You may now restrict their use if you have approved their message request, and it consistently displays the saw indication when you get a message from them. Instagram includes a restrict feature that lets users prevent other users from messaging them or doing other things.

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3 Extra hints for reading Instagram messages "unseen."

Third-party apps:

The majority of third-party applications are paid apps. Still, in addition to the ability to unread messages, they provide a variety of other capabilities, including scheduling content and more detailed data than Instagram.

Disable your Wi-Fi:

When you switch off Wi-Fi, no one will be able to detect that you have viewed their message, but when you turn it back on, it will be marked as read.

Log out and disable your mobile data:

 After reading the notice and turning off your cellular data, log out of your Instagram account. The messages won't be recognized when you return to the Instagram app.

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