We have all been there when we thought it was better to take a step back from Instagram. And that naturally leads us to disable our account for some time. But oftentimes, users may forget their password or username and so on.

Luckily, there are simple methods that you can use to gain access to your deactivated accounts. To know, simply follow through our article on how to reactivate Instagram.

How to Reactivate Instagram 

It's vital to know that you can reactivate your Instagram account only if you temporarily disabled it. If you deleted your account permanently, there's no way to retrieve it.

Therefore, it's better that you just create a new Instagram account rather than wasting time searching for ways. With that in mind, the following are the steps on how to reactivate Instagram.

Step 1: Run the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: When the app opens, enter your credentials in the given spaces.

Step 3: Tap on "Log in." And that's it! You just reactivated your Instagram account.

how to reactivate instagram

Forgot Password?

If it's been a while, there are chances that you may not remember your password. But don't worry, there's a quick remedy to that.

Just like the previous steps, go and ahead and open the Instagram app.

reactivating instagram under two minutes

Step 1: Enter the email ID.

Step 2: Tap on "Forgot Password?", which is below the "Log in with Facebook" option.

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Step 3: Instagram will send you a password retrieval link to the email ID linked with your account. Go to your Mail.

Step 4: Go ahead and open the mail and click on the link generated by Instagram.

Step 5: It'll redirect you to the "Reset Password" page.

Step 6: Enter the password and confirm it.

Step 7: Once you reset the password, open the Instagram app. Enter the email ID and the new password.

Step 8: Tap on "Log in."

Things to Remember

It might seem very easy to deactivate and reactivate your account as you wish. But in reality, Instagram pays careful attention to such details.

Once you temporarily disable the Instagram account, you won't be able to reactivate it for a week. So if you're planning to disable your account, take that factor into account. Reactivation means serious business to Instagram. 

Say you followed all our steps, and even then, you aren't able to reactivate your account. In such a scenario, we advise that you check Instagram's Terms of Use.

Furthermore, it can also be the case that you didn't disable your account. Thus, if that's the case, it's most probable that the app disabled your account. That makes things more tricky and harder for you to reactivate your account.

So, in that situation, the chances are that you violated the Terms of Use of Instagram, knowingly or unknowingly.

Instagram's Terms of Use

To check if you violated Instagram's Terms of Use, read the following rules. Also, it's vital for other users as well to pay heed to such rules.

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  • Users need to be at least 13 years and above.
  • Users must never share any private information regarding their accounts with anyone else.
  • Users must not ask for any type of info with regards to any access to any other account.
  • Users should avoid sending spam.
  • Users must not indulge in any activity that might restrict any other user from using the app.
  • Also, users must not participate in acts of racism, discrimination, sexual abuse, or violence on the platform.
  • Users must not try to access Instagram's API.
  • Plus, even if someone else violates these rules through another user's account, the latter is accountable for the damages.

General Community Guidelines

  • There are a few community guidelines that you can take a look at. Any violations of such guidelines can directly result in the termination of your account.
  • Users must upload posts that are apt for all age groups. Stay away from activities that indulge or promote acts of violence, sexual nature, and so on. Also, any post that may promote self-harm is out of bounds.
  • Have a good demeanor and do not misbehave with other users on the platform.
  • You must not spam other users with the content of any kind.
how to reactivate instagram in simple ways

If you remember getting the notification, as shown above, it's safe to say you violated Instagram's policies.

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