Many people out there dream of having a considerable amount of following. A lot of Instagrammers and brands want to reach the 10K goal to unlock the Instagram Swipe Up. Besides, you don't require a specific number of followers, to begin with. No matter what your follower count is, you can make use of the feature. And here is how to do Swipe up on Instagram.

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How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram
How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram With Less Than 10K Followers 6

How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram

Now, you might be looking for a way to lead your followers to your links. Also, you can use such a feature for your YouTube videos, online stores, and so on.

For this article, we'll take the example of YouTube. It's really useful for a YouTuber who can promote videos weekly through an Instagram story. For such users, follow this guide on how to do Swipe up on Instagram. And be advised, for those who aren't YouTubers, you can still go ahead and make use of the methods.

Swiping up on IG
How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram With Less Than 10K Followers 7

Create A 1-Minute Promo Clip

  • You need to ensure that you have an IGTV account. After you create your IGTV channel, you need to make a 60-second clip to upload on your IGTV. The clip should include steps to reach your work, that is, the videos. There are many Influencers and Celebrities who follow the same first step. Keep it simple and to the point. 
  • If you want to create a video that looks more aesthetic, you can use Go to the website and type 'Instagram Story' in the search bar to ensure you have the correct requirements. 
  • After you choose the template for the story, you can either select one or make it for yourself.
  • You can decorate the image with unique branding or text. But ensure that you add something to the story to lead your audience. Go ahead and add a symbol that says, "Click here to watch." After that, you will need to download the image as a PNG file. 
  • Instagram only allows a minimum of 60 seconds uploads on IGTV stories. So, you can customize the time settings to make the clip longer. You can also convert the image to a video format using a video editor. 

Upload Clip to IGTV

After you successfully create your 60-second clip, you need to upload it into your IGTV. It doesn't matter whether it's a static video or an active one.

  • Tap on the channel. Select the clip you wish to upload and give it a title. The title is very vital because it needs to look like it's part of the "Swipe up" feature. 
  • You can add something like " ⬇️," to guide your audience towards the video. Also, when it comes to the caption, add the link to your YouTube video. 
  • When you complete the step, go ahead and press post and wait for that to upload to your IGTV. 

After you upload your IGTV post, go ahead and add it to the story on Instagram.

  • Create a regular Instagram story. Select an eye-catching photo because it's what your followers will see when they see that "Swipe Up" option. You can also go to gifs and search "Swipe Up" to get some cool-looking animated arrows and text. 
  • Click on the link icon located on the top of your screen. Make use of the "Call to Action" option, where you can add your IGTV video. Once you link that, go ahead and upload the video.
  • After doing so, whenever users view the story, they can see the feature that will lead them to your IGTV video. In such a way, you direct your viewers by making use of prompts.
Best way to do Swipe Up on IG
How To Do Swipe Up On Instagram With Less Than 10K Followers 8

If you constantly require traffic weekly, the feature offers a very useful way to do so. You'll be able to initiate high-level interactions with your audience. In that way, it'll not limit you by only having the option to lead your viewers to the bio links. Besides, if you wish to learn about how to increase the number of likes on Instagram, visit us.