Since introducing the Stories feature into its social network many years ago, Instagram has allowed users to upload short audiovisual works that vanish after a certain period (24 hours, to be exact).

It is customary to use this feature to share specific occasions, moments, and scenarios briefly. We can always add further information to make them seem better, like messages, stickers, dates, music, etc. Instagram is a user-friendly social networking site that provides several options for adding a date to your posts.

A timestamp or date on Instagram media helps viewers understand the context of your uploaded images or videos. Perhaps you made an iconic click on a particular day or want to honour a special moment. At this point, including a date in your Instagram stories is useful.

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How can I include the precise time and date in an Instagram story?

There are several alternatives to this. The standard method of adding the date on Instagram is to utilize the available stickers. Alternatively, as long as the filters are turned on, you may use the application's filters from its effects gallery.

The date would be the same because this theme has several filters. To use the time sticker, you only need to do the following:

  • Use the Instagram camera to take a picture or pick one from the gallery.
  • When the image is prepared, select the face-sticker icon.
  • Pick a date sticker (click on it to see the time designs).

With Instagram text

Adding the date, time, or day using the Instagram text would be as wonderful as stickers or filters, so choose your favourite, which comes in various colours and sizes. The app also offers different montages in each of them.

To do this, press the text option in the top right corner after taking or selecting the photo. Write the date you want, go through all the fonts to choose the one you like best, and then build the text with the tools at your disposal until it appears as you wish.

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How to add a date to the Instagram story by using a smartphone?

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It is the primary option for those who want to post Instagram stories. To do this, you must slide the screen to the right or, as a backup alternative, click on the "+" icon at the top of the screen, then "Camera" at the bottom. Scroll to the "History" option on the screen.

To capture a picture or a video, press the centre button after sliding inside the camera until you reach the Instagram VCR filter, which is the one with the date and time. After that, you must press the "Your Story" button in the lower left to publish it.

More filters with similar features are constantly available in the effects gallery; some well-known and excellent filters that include the date and time are as follows:

  • Day and time of @ jennifee3r
  • Day and time of @ meelinasilva
  • Day and timeof @ izhietamez
  • VHS CAMby @ carlitoscantero_
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How to add a date to an Instagram story by a computer?

Even if you can't upload stories from the computer's regular Instagram page, you can use a few simple workarounds. Open Instagram on your computer, go to the home page, and press the F12 key on your keyboard without clicking any other keys. As soon as a panel appears to the right of the screen, you should hit "F5".

When the website reloads, Instagram will resemble the mobile version, and you'll have the opportunity to upload stories.

The file folder on your computer will open when you click on your profile picture, which will show in the upper left corner with the caption "Your story." From there, you may select an image (only photos can be uploaded, it will not allow uploading videos).

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When you choose the image, it will appear on the screen virtually as it appears on your phone. Your story can have text, drawings, and stickers. Since it is not the official application, not all options will be accessible, and those that are, have restrictions. You may only use the sticker from the day you uploaded the photo to add the date (e.g., Sunday, Tuesday, Friday).

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