Instagram is the most popular social-media application worldwide, and its daily active users can determine its popularity. Instagram has more than 500+ million active users who use Instagram regularly. And while using Instagram, sometimes users have to face the "Action Blocked" problem. But how to get rid of Action blocked on Instagram?

How To Get Rid Of Action Blocked On Instagram
How To Get Rid Of Action Blocked On Instagram? 4

Instagram has many limits. And one of these is Action blocked. For example, when a particular user follows many accounts, he/she might get Action blocked notification.

In this article, we will be discussing how to get rid of Action blocked on Instagram.

So let's get started!

One of the most asked questions is how to get rid of an action blocked on Instagram? While you face an action block, you can't complete any action with your account. For example, you follow someone, but a notification will pop up that you are doing too many actions. This notification is frustrating as it blocks you from doing any activity with your account. It forces you to stop your Instagram account for a while.

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During an action block, you can't like, comment, follow people and put captions. The action block feature is introduced to keep the application safe from spam and bots. But it becomes frustrating when a user account gets blocked when you have done nothing.

Different types of Block

The action block can be categorized into three types. The three types are briefly discussed below-

Permanent Block

If your Instagram account faces a temporary Block several times, there is a chance of getting a permanent action block on your account. Once you got this permanent Block, you can't re-access your account. Another reason for permanent Block can be mass reporting of your account.

Temporary Block

The temporary Block is a typical problem. You can face a temporary Block if you are misusing the Instagram features or going too fast, or breaking other rules of Instagram. It takes up to 24 hours to get rid of this Block.

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how to get rid of action blocked on Instagram
How To Get Rid Of Action Blocked On Instagram? 5

With an Expiration Date

You might face a block with an expiration date. Usually, this Block shows you the date when your account will unblock. Generally, the time of this Block is seven days. But it can be extended up to 30 days.

Why you face an Action block?

There are many reasons for getting an action block on Instagram. Some of the primary reasons for getting blocked are discussed below-


Many pages recruit people to promote themselves in other big influencers' comment sections. If you are sending the same message repetitively or promoting something, you might get an action block message because Instagram thinks it is spam. If your message gets reported, you might face an action block from Instagram. Also, if you are setting message automation, Instagram can give you an action block.

Too-fast Actions

Whatever activity you are doing, Instagram is keeping a record of them. If you follow or unfollow a massive number of accounts in less time, you might get a warning and face a temporary block on your Instagram account.

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Violating Instagram Policies

If you are violating Instagram policies like spreading hatred, negative criticism or spreading fake news, you can get a temporary block from Instagram. And still, you are doing this after getting a temporary ban; you might face a permanent block in your account.

How to get rid of Action Block?

If you are not doing any of these things and still get an action block message on your account, you have to follow these steps to get rid of the action block-

Change your device- Action blocks are related to IP addresses. If you are getting an action block, you are then logging your Instagram account to another device. In most cases, this solution works.

Don't use Third-party apps- Never associate your Instagram account with Third-party apps. They might cause you to get an action block on your account.

Report- If nothing works, report the problem to Instagram. Most probably, they will reply to you with a proper solution.

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