If you are a business, adding your website link to your bio can be an easy way to generate more traffic on your webpage. One of the most important things to remember is that the link you are adding to your profile should be related to your business or your Instagram page. The link should get more information about what you are trying to sell or promote through your Instagram page.

how to put link in Instagram bio
All you need to know about adding links in your Instagram Bio 5

If you decide to create a new website or have multiple websites, you can easily change or edit the link by following the same steps as before. Just replace the previous link with the newer one. There are third-party websites that allow you to compile multiple links and creating a landing page for you, through which you can gain access to several other websites within the landing page. You can even add this to your bio.  

Continue reading to learn how to put link in Instagram bio.

how can you put link in Instagram bio
All you need to know about adding links in your Instagram Bio 6
  1. Log into your Instagram account
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Click on "edit profile" on your profile's dashboard
  4. On this page, click on "website" and enter your link in the blank space.
  5. Make sure to copy the URL from your webpage beforehand so that you can easily paste the link when you edit your bio
  6. After entering the link, Instagram will automatically read the URL as a clickable link
  7. Click on the tick mark located o the top right corner of your screen
  8. The changes made will be saved, and you can now view the link on your bio
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Here is a video that shows you how to put link in Instagram bio.

It is not necessary to add a link to your bio, but if you are a public figure, brand, or business and have your website that sells these products and services, it is best to have added your link to your social media platforms. In this way, your customers and viewers can catch a glimpse f what you are trying to promote on your page. This is also a great way to generate more traffic for your web page.

If you have more webpage visitors, this will improve your insights and eventually boost sales and impressions. Since it is impossible to add clickable links to your Instagram captions, having a link in your bio that will cater to all the related posts you've made will help consumers easily access your content.

Since your bio is the first thing that a first-time visitor to your profile will see, make sure that you have a well-equipped bio with the addition of a related, clickable link that will boost your followers' interests.

putting link in Instagram bio
All you need to know about adding links in your Instagram Bio 7
  1. You can redirect Instagram customers to the business webpage. It might be challenging to get new customers to google your webpage as a beginner business owner. However, adding your website link to your Instagram profile will automatically direct new customers and visitors to your profile to your webpage. It is also easier to reach a wider audience through social media since there are already so many potential customers on the platform.
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  • You can easily edit your links on Instagram if you feel like you want to change your link to another one. For example, if you are a blogger and have new posts every week, you can easily edit your old link to the new link with a few simple steps.

Alternatively, make use of a bio link tool. You will be able to edit all the destination URLs on the custom page without opening your Instagram profile and going through the process of swapping your old link for the new one.

  • For new business owners who still don't have a lot of following, the option of adding swipe-up links to your stories may not be available. Hence, an alternative way to redirect your audience to your web page without 10,000 followers is by using a CTA on your story. For example, you can add "link in bio" after a short description of your products or services. When the customers see your story, they can visit your page and click on your bio to go to the webpage.
  • This is a more foolproof way of getting more customers to go on your site instead of adding an unclickable link on your story that customers have to copy and paste manually on a search engine.

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