how to get your account back on Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms. Losing access to your account isn’t any less than the worst nightmare that has come true. Being cut off from the real world is one thing, but being cut off from the virtual world, especially Instagram means years of pictures and videos lost forever. That loss can be quite devastating in today’s date. But fortunately, here’s with some exceptions of course! Chances are that you lost access to your Instagram account in the following ways:

  • Instagram disabled your account without any reason
  • You have trouble recovering your account
  • Someone hacked your account 

If you are reading this article, then you have probably lost access to your Instagram account in the above-mentioned manner. However, we are here to share with you few ways on how to get your account back on Instagram. But before we begin, we want you to know that if you have lost access to your account because it was deleted. Then, there is no way to get access to that Instagram account. You will have to create a new account on Instagram.

The following methods can help you get your account back on Instagram:

  • Report Your Account as Hacked: You can report your account to the Instagram report center by selecting the privacy and safety features. Then, select “Report Something”. After, select the option, “What can I do if someone is impersonating me on Instagram? click the visible link to fill out the form. Share all the relevant information and email ID. They will respond about the status of your account in 48-72 hours. Hopefully, they will retrieve your Instagram account.
  • Recover Account Without Facebook or Email: This is the easiest way to get back your account on Instagram. Just fill in your phone number correctly on the password recovery screen. And, they will send you an SMS with the link to help you recover your account. 
  • Recover a Personal Account: You will have to follow three simple steps to recover your personal IG account. Go to Instagram Help Center, and search for the option, “Deactivated Account”. Select a valid government photo ID option available with you. Then, fill out the form with relevant details and finally send it. It usually takes Instagram 24-48 hours to respond. So, be patient!
  • Recover a Business Account: You require some more information than just a valid ID proof to recover your account. Head to the Instagram Help Center in-app and search for the option, “Business Deactivated Account.” Select the valid and government-approved ID option available to you. Fill out the form and attach the required documents. And finally, press send. Valid id proofs will include documents such as proof of business ownership, etc. You can also email your details for a faster recovery of your disabled account.

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What can you do to get your account back if Instagram disabled it?

how to get your account back on Instagram

If your account was disabled by Instagram without any reason or accidentally, then a message will pop up when you try logging in. Instagram only disables those accounts that don’t follow their community guidelines and terms of use accurately. We will suggest that you give a thorough reading to these Instagram guidelines and ensure that all Instagram posts through your account follow them accurately. Always remember, Instagram will only delete an account permanently if that account repeatedly violates its terms and guidelines.

You can raise an appeal to this decision by following the instructions on its app. If your account was removed by someone who had access to your password, then there isn’t any way to restore that account. However, you can always create a new account on Instagram with the same email address.