Instagram is becoming one of the most sought-after applications amongst the Gen-Z population. The need to be on Instagram arises due to the constant need for validation and appreciation. So, if you are a business that relies on Instagram for conversions, you might have pondered how much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

Instagram is a must-have app on everybody’s phone. It is said that an average person who has an Instagram account look at his feed at least 6 times a day. So businesses that thrive on Instagram and influencers who rely on Instagram for their source of income have to keep up with the competition by increasing their demand.

how much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

Facebook has been in existence way before Instagram became mainstream it’s important to run your promotions and ads on both platforms. Instagram’s advertisement costs might be slightly higher than Facebook but its advanced targeting ads will drive more sales conversions and followers to your account.

So, how much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

If you are wondering how much does it cost to promote on Instagram then we are here to tell you that you will not burn a hole in your pocket. Their paid advertisements will place targeted ads and increase your visibility on the internet world. This helps your brand appear consistently on Explore page to get more views, likes, and shares. This feature is available for all businesses and the only requirement is to have a public business account. There’s a budget for everyone that suits their advertisement budget.

how much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

We’ve observed that Cost Per Click (CPC) is usually less than $3 on Instagram. This CPC when considering all of its metrics like likes/ comments and shares costs less than $5. This is a very meager amount considering the business and the turnover you will receive out of this. So investing in Instagram promotions can be an important milestone for your business if you are looking to cater to a wider audience.

How to start the promotion?

First, you need to find your campaign objective and the need for running the promotion. Depending on this objective, Instagram ads can be of any call-to-action button by adding a website link, shop in online stores, Direct Messages to your profile. 

If you still don’t have an Instagram account, fret not. You only need a Facebook Business Page to run your campaign and you are set to welcome more potential customers. However, if you have an Instagram account it helps you understand its functionalities, identify your target audience and the content that resonates with them. You can select your campaign and the call-to-action you want, select the budget that fits, filter the target audience and the time frame. You are set to run the promotion

Are running promotions worth your effort and money?

By identifying your target audience right, you’ll receive major benefits from running Instagram Ads. Especially if your target audience is Gen-Z or Millenials, the best way to reach them is by filtering demographic and geographic data to locate your audience. 

Running Ads also bring you higher engagement rates. Engagement rates are important for brands as they create visibility. It’s said that engagement on social platforms that allow uploading photos and videos are higher than on text-based platforms. So if your brand deals with products or services that can be narrated via photos or videos then promoting your business on Instagram is highly effective.

What are the factors that influence the pricing?

It depends on many factors like your campaign objectives that can either increase or decrease your costs. Your promotion cost will also vary on the audience size, their age group that you choose. The amount that you are spending on ads will be rewarding once you see them in terms of your increased sales. This helps you grow your Instagram account organically.

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