How to change the background color on an Instagram story

Instagram went from a value of $0 to $2 billion in 2 years. Unbelievable, yet fairly true. They have reported a steady number of active users to almost 1 billion. Imagine the number of businesses that solely run on Instagram and have grabbed fame by posting content in the form of pictures and videos. Users consider Instagram to be more straightforward and more effective than Facebook. That’s why Instagram stories are more important, hence learning how to change the background color on an Instagram story.

According to Instagram, there are 500 million people who use stories every day, which shows the channel’s importance to brands, firms, and personalities. More than 60% of people say they become more interested in a brand once they see its story. That is why creating a perfect Instagram story is very important. So, it’s important to know how to change the background color on an Instagram story.

Users, including businesses, have found different ways to create intriguing stories for their followers and customers. They have developed several filters that can be used by anyone around the world or business-specific filters to represent their companies in different campaigns, which help them improve their image and leave a mark in the mind of their customers. To make better stories and impactful experiences, businesses and users have learned to use their stories’ background colors. Let me give you a few tips on how to change the background color on your Instagram story.

How to change the background color on an Instagram story

Changing the background color of the Instagram stories is one of the most used features by users. You can do a few different things with the background of a story that can make your stories look a lot more exciting and long-lasting.

Changing the story to a solid color background

When you decide to share a post from your feed on your story, Instagram automatically selects the color matching the post or the profile. Now, you no longer need to stick to that one specific color assigned. Users can choose any color from their options, which will help their content to be displayed in a much more creative way.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Open your Instagram application.
  • Open your stories
  • Take a photo or a video of anywhere.
  • Select the brush icon as shown in the picture
  • Select your desired color from the options given
  • Now tap the screen for a few seconds and watch
  • You should see the new background color applied to the story.
You should see the new background color applied to the story.

Once you’ve applied that color, you now have a blank story, which gives you all the room to write or add emojis according to your company. The picture you took is no longer there unless you use the eraser tool to see what’s behind the colored background.

You can also create a lasting effect because you can take an image of something special, color the background completely, and then erase a shape in that solid color to reveal what’s truly behind the background in a unique way. For example, you can take a picture of your beloved cat and draw a heart around it, which will look spectacular and cute at the same time.

Changing to a background that you have downloaded

Changing to a background that you have downloaded

Marketing teams develop various ways of promoting their brand and are always looking for new ways to increase company recognition. To do that, designers and their teams create images that they can upload to their story according to their company’s theme.

All they have to do is:

  • Open your Instagram application.
  • Open your stories
  • Click on your gallery or swipe up to see your pictures saved on your phone.
  • Select the image you have created for the story
  • Add it to your story.

This type of background change will help the customers recognize the brand immediately and prove to be very beneficial.

Change the background color & add an image.

This is the third way you can change your background on an Instagram story and add an image on top of that color.

  • Open your Instagram application
  • Open your stores
  • Take a photo
  • Click on the brush
  • Select your color
  • Tap on your screen for a few seconds
  • You should see a new color on your story background.
  • Go to your Gallery
  • Copy the picture you want to use
  • Now return to your story on Instagram.
  • You should see a pop-up on the bottom left of your screen showing the photo you copied
  • Click on that photo for it to paste on your story.
  • You will have your photo on your story with your selected background-color

The pop-up does not last for long, so there are chances that one might miss the pop-up. All you need to do is click on the text option and click paste, which will show the picture you copied.

Some extra tips

At times, we miss out on adding some text which we wanted to include in the story. To make sure you don’t miss out on any sort of text, you could always go one line at a time.

All you have to do:

  • Take a picture in your stories.
  • Select the background color you want
  • Write a line or even two.
  • Save the picture to your phone.
  • Close your story
  • Swipe up to view your pictures in your gallery
  • Click on the saved story.
  • Write another few lines.
  • Repeat as many times as you need to
Repeat as many times as you need to

These tips will help you get exactly what you need on stories containing text and emojis, ensuring no mistakes.

One more thing that could help you find the right color is that you continuously click on any color bubble, you’ll see the mixture of color and select any color you want, as shown in the picture.

Instagram has made tremendous efforts to give its users the experience they truly want to release their inner creative self and use their platform in various significant ways. They are helping to generate income, possibilities, advertisement, awareness, and much more.

Instagram stories were just another method to increase people’s interest in different variables of the lives of their friends, families, businesses, and entertainment. This feature may be considered to be addicting, but at the same time, very useful.