Instagram has become a portfolio for people to exhibit their special talents and skills. Especially after the arrival of IGTV and reels, music has become a predominant part of the app. So, if you are looking at how to post copyrighted music on Instagram, your guide is here.

Apart from photos, Instagram is an incredible place to upload video content. Video content is now available in the long format as IGTV and short formats as Reels. We all know that a good video cannot exist without audio and that’s where music comes into the picture. Music helps to set a tone for the video and keeps the audience captivated by the content. So, it’s important to know how to post copyrighted music, so that your post will not get taken down by Instagram Guidelines.

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how to post copyrighted music on Instagram

How does Instagram find copyrighted music?

Instagram is coded with a mechanism to automatically detect the copyrighted music used on any of the content posted by its users.

We all know it has an ever-changing algorithm and now we know that it has strong coding that could give you a copyright infringement instantly.

Since this is done by a machine, it is also found that this isn’t entirely accurate. Some users who have not used copyrighted music are penalized for this.

What does Instagram do when copyrighted music is detected?

When Instagram finds that you have used copyrighted music for your content, it mutes your post and blocks the music while playing on your post. It also takes down your post entirely when it detects copyrighted music.

It now has a new feature that alerts users while copyrighted music is used in their content, It gives a warning to the user and instructs them to change it immediately. Post the warning if the user doesn’t change the music then it gives a copyright strike.

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You can read more on music copyright infringement on Instagram community guidelines as this will give you sound knowledge on what their copyright laws are.

These rules usually vary from one social media to another. If Instagram finds a continuous violation of copyright issues, it will disable your account or restrict your freedom of content posting in the interest of its community. 

How to post copyrighted music on Instagram and get away with it?

The best advice is not to post copyrighted music as it will eventually lead in taking down your post. If something does not belong to you, avoid posting it; be it music, video, image, or blog. 

If you are in dire need to post music on your video, you can choose from Stock Music. It offers hundreds of free music to choose from that will never lead you to any disappointments and your post will be safe on Instagram. 

Another way is to create your music or purchase the copyrights of others. This can avoid all the tension that Instagram causes by giving you a copyright strike. Alternatively, you can reach out to the original music creator and seek their permission to use their music. This is a tedious process to convince them that you are using their music for a good cause. Make sure that it’s a fair use of content when you post others’ works. But this doesn’t evade you from the consequences. 

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how to post copyrighted music on Instagram

If you are still looking for an answer to the question “How to Post Copyrighted Music on Instagram, you have to use free music for your videos.

There’s nothing else that keeps your content protected from Instagram copyrights laws. You can choose to give credits to the creators and also change the music so that it doesn’t sound like the original track if you are stubborn to use copyrighted music.

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