The history of TikTok and when did TikTok come out:

It is an undeniable matter of fact that TikTok is an extremely popular app amongst the current generation. A lot of millennials and Gen Z can be seen indulging in this extremely fun and engaging social media. In recent years, TikTok has come to dominate a majority of the social media landscape. But exactly when did TikTok come out?

About TikTok:

TikTok, like many other things, is of Chinese origin. In China, it is referred to as Douyin. TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing app that focuses on social networking services.

It is owned by a Chinese company known as ByteDance. This is a social media platform that is used to record and make a huge range and a huge variety of short videos. 

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It focuses on a huge variety of genres that include education, fun, entertainment, dance, games, and comedy. These videos generally have a time duration of 15 seconds. They can go up to be 1 minute long. Some users can also record 3-minute-long videos. It can be called the international version of Douyin. 

When did tiktok come out
When did TikTok come out? The story of TikTok 4

This app originally came out in the Chinese market in the September of 2016. Soon, in 2017 TikTok was released for the international audience.

It is available on the Apple as well as the Android Operating Systems. It became available worldwide after merging with another Chinese company. This company also offered social media services. It was called musically. 


TikTok is available in several languages worldwide. The list of language options is very impressive. The users can choose to use any of the 40+ language options available on the app. The users can choose to use TikTok in various languages that they can choose from. The list of languages includes Arabic, Bengali, Burmese. It also includes Cambodian, Cebuano, Czech. This also includes Dutch, English, Filipino. 

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It also includes French, German, Greek. This also includes Gujrati, Hindi, Hungarian. It also includes Indonesian, Italian, Japanese. This also includes Javanese, Kannada, Korean. It also includes Malay, Malayalam, Marathi. This also includes Oriya, Polish, Portuguese. 

TikTok also includes Punjabi, Romanian, Russian. This also includes other languages like simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish. It also includes Tamil, Telegu, Thai. It also includes other language options like traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. With all these various language options to choose from. TikTok guarantees entertainment to all its users.   


One wonders, when did TikTok come out? It was launched by a Chinese social networking service company called ByteDance.

It was launched in China in the middle of 2016. The founders of the company soon realized that China contributed to only one-fifth of the global internet users. So to expand their market, they decided that it was important to make TikTok international. And that is exactly what they soon did.

So going global became a need and a must for the company. It was launched for the international market in the September of 2017.

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By the January of 2017 itself, TikTok was ranked as the number one free app with maximum downloads in Thailand and many other countries.

When did tiktok come out1 When did TikTok come out? The story of TikTok
When did TikTok come out? The story of TikTok 5

In the United States of America alone, it has been downloaded over hundred and thirty times. The app has reached an overall of 2 billion downloads worldwide. Many international celebrities began using this application soon after it became international. Many celebrities have come to follow.

The TikTok interface:

It has an extremely amazing interface. It is easy to use and equally convenient to understand. Its server is based on the market that caters to its respective apps. One can easily increase their followers on TikTok by simply buying TikTok followers.

The features are made to impress each of its users. People of all ages find this app extremely easy to understand. This is no complex process that is involved in creating content on TikTok.