How Many Fans Are Needed For A Crown on Tiktok? Let’s find out!


Tiktok is an amazing application that proffers a lot of features. If you have queries regarding the new crown that is visible on the profiles of several account holders, you are at the right place. The post below will explain what it means to have a crown on your profile and how you could get the same on your profile. It will also discuss how many fans are needed for a crown on Tiktok. So, continue reading the post for all the interesting information. 

how many fans are needed for a crown on Tiktok

What does the crown on the Tiktok profile mean?

Tiktok is one of the most appealing platforms for users. It offers a lot of exciting features and added advantages to the users. The most interesting and amazing part is that it also offers privacy settings to make your account safe and secure. As far as the crown on the Profile photo is concerned, you could get the same with a simple process. 

The crown on the profile photo does not mean that the account is premium or anything else. It simply means that the user has recently used the new filter that is available on the application. The animation filter helps the users to get crown on their profile. The details of the same will be discussed in the next section. So, continue reading further for all the exciting information that you wish to know to put your curiosity at rest. 

How could you get the crown in Tiktok?

Tiktok is the most creative application that supports every talented person to grow. It doesn’t differentiate any individual. Everyone can use Tiktok and gain a source of extra income. Tiktok proffers a lot of new and exciting features to allure individuals and to keep their excitement level always high. There is a special filter that the application offers. 

The users will have to use this filter to get the crown on their profile picture. The filter will make the users look like the Disney characters and will provide a lot of fun. You could always try these interesting features that the platform offers to the users to make it an ever-interesting application. Now if you wish to know- how many fans are needed for a crown on Tiktok, continue reading further. The below section will deal with your query. 

How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on Tiktok?

The new crown that you might have seen on the profiles of several account holders is very easy to gain. The requirement for being able to get the crown is to have your account verified. This will require you to visit your profile daily and have a growth in the follower’s list. Once your account is verified you need to maintain the same for forthcoming features. The more you use your account, the more it will bring benefits for you. 

how many fans are needed for a crown on Tiktok
How Many Fans Are Needed For A Crown on Tiktok? 12

The next requirement is to use the animation filter that is available on the Tiktok application. Once you use the filter, your profile will automatically get a crown. You are not required to complete any other complicated steps. This was in brief about how you could get the crown. There is no specific number of followers mentioned to get that crown. But, a complete fresher will not be able to access the same. 

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Tiktok is indeed one of the best applications in terms of providing fun and entertainment. But, always remember that you need to be innovative so to compete with your competitors. Innovation is the key to win the hearts of your audience. The more unique content you create, the more it has the ability to allure the audience. So, if you wish to become popular on Tiktok, remember the points mentioned above to enhance your level and gain more followers and it also answers the question of how many fans are needed for a crown on Tiktok.


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