How to Get Famous on Tiktok
How to Get Famous on Tiktok? 19

How to Get Famous on Tiktok: Tiktok is one of the most downloaded social media application of 2021 and 2022. Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of Tiktok videos. Its influence on Gen-Z is huge. Moreover, it is also a big factor in determining the kind of content we consume today. For example, have you heard of the Reels feature of Instagram? Well, the short-form videos of Tiktok inspired it.


Thus, if you are looking to get famous on a social media platform, your choice should be “Tiktok.” There are far more people available on that platform, and it is much more accessible to all kinds of people. In this article, we will share some tips on how to become famous on Tiktok!

1.  Consistency is the key

How to Get Famous on Tiktok?
How to Get Famous on Tiktok? 20

It is important to keep posting every day, even if you think that the videos are not reaching your followers. Especially if you are a new creator, you will want your profile to look alive and thriving, so when people visit your videos, it is not just sporadic with no sense of consistency or hard work.

So, keep posting out videos every day even if, at first, you are getting minimal likes and shares. This is really a key tip on how you get famous on Tiktok.

2.  Try out the New Features

Try out the New Features
How to Get Famous on Tiktok? 21

These social media applications like Instagram and Tiktok keep rolling out fresh features for their users to try. This is how they keep up with making sure the users are not bored by the app. This is what you need to do, as well. Moreover, these applications’ algorithms favor those who keep up with the new features and use them. That way, your videos, and content are more likely to reach a larger number of people than those who are not using these new features.

3.  Give it Time and Effort

Give it Time and Effort
How to Get Famous on Tiktok? 22

Not everyone can create good content. That is why it is so important that you do. Good content takes effort and time, and energy. Those who are already popular on the application have not achieved it overnight. They have worked hard for it.

While creating videos, experiment with different styles, forms, etc., shot videos from multiple angles multiple times, and then choose the best one out of all those. That would show your followers your dedication and hard work, and they will be more attracted to your profile, which is how you will become famous on Tiktok.

4.  Do not forget to Take Risks

A myriad of creators and users are alike on Tiktok, a platform that hosts around one billion people. To become famous on such a platform, it is important that you are giving your audience fresh and unique content that no one else is doing. For that, you must be willing to take risks and experiment with all kinds of content to see what will stick out best for your audience.

Once you figure out your audience and create your content, you will also figure out what they reward and admire. Try to find your unique voice within that zone and own it. Do not be afraid to try out new and weird things either! You will never know if you never try.

5.  Make sure your Content is Relatable

Think about how you will receive followers. Your content has to be relatable because when people watch it, they share it with their friends and family. While creating content, this is a question you must keep in mind, “who is going to watch it?” “will they want to share it with their friends?”

Thus, according to people who have made it big on Tiktok, share-ability and re-watch-ability are two significant indicators in determining a good video. They also mention that the rewatch-ability is also incorporated within the Tiktok algorithm. Thus, if people are coming back for your videos, you have become famous on Tiktok!

6.  Collaborate with other Creators

Once you have some following and some video content to show on your profile, reach out to fellow creators on the platform who are appealing to the same audience as you. Reach out to them and request collaborations or shout-outs. This will help build your credibility within the Tiktok circle and help you increase new likes and shares.

7.  Get on with the Trends

Get on with the Trends
How to Get Famous on Tiktok? 23

Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram have really changed the landscape of how we consume content. Earlier, there used to be movies that were five hours long, then came the feature film, then TV shows, and now just 15-second reels. The point to say is: if earlier we watched one movie in five hours, we now watch 5000+ short videos in the same span of time.

In such a volatile environment, it is easy to be lauded for a video one day and be forgotten altogether in the other. Thus, a good content creator must keep up with and capitalize on all the current trends and affairs.

It is also important to note that while building a brand, you need to be consistent. If your content is about cars and racing, you can not afford to put up a trending dance video among all of it. Instead, what you can and should do is incorporate that trending dance video in your own style and brand of cars and racing stuff.

8.  Use other Social Media Apps for your Benefit

You should use all the tools available to you for your benefit. At the start of the article, I mentioned how Instagram and Facebook timelines are full of Tiktok videos. Most often than not, Tiktok creators do get their audience via other social media apps.

Hence, if you have an Instagram, share some of your Tiktok videos on Instagram to get a following from there. Contact pages you think will put up your stuff and give your Tiktok page a shout out.


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