If you like making TikTok and make them often, you must have seen the trend in which people use an effect that makes text appear and disappear on TikTok. It is really cool and, you must try it at least once. But do you know how to make text disappear on TikTok? If you don’t, you will learn here how to do so.

This effect will make the videos cool and entertaining. TikTok is all about following the recent trends and making new ones. So, you should definitely check it out and if you are looking to buy followers on TikTok, you can do so and widen your reach in the initial stages only.

how to make text disappear on tiktok

How to Make Text Disappear On TikTok?

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There can be many reasons to do this. This effect gives a magical effect in the videos. You can try some song lyrics and make them disappear suddenly, it will look awesome. Let us check out some reasons why you should make text appear and disappear.

  • It will work as an amazing way to add a video storyline. You can make better storylines.
  • It will work very well if you are trying to explain some scene or story in the present or the background.
  • You can use it to ask some questions from your audience. This will keep them entertained in your videos.

Steps to Follow

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If you want to know how to make text disappear on TikTok you should follow these steps.

  • You can even use a video already made from your gallery.
how to make text disappear on tiktok
  • Then choose the video portion where you want the text to appear. Edit the length of the video if you want.
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  • Once you are done, there will be an option on the bottom of the screen where you will find text written.
  • Click on the text and write anything you want. Once you are done with the text you can customize it by changing the color, font. Once done click next.
  • Then tap on the text that you want to make appear or disappear. You will see a pop-up menu.
  • From the menu, you can select the text duration. It is the time for which the text will appear or disappear from your video.
  • You can choose the text and adjust it accordingly. The red area represents the duration in which the text will appear in your TikTok.
  • You can also choose another text to appear when your previous one disappears.
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  • Likewise, set the duration of the other text. Once done, the red area will represent the text that will appear.

This is how you can make the text appear and disappear in the videos. Once you have completed this effect and are satisfied you can add a suitable caption and post it.

Now you know how to make text disappear on TikTok. It is simple and you can use it in so many videos to make them fun and interesting. Try it a couple of times and you will master this effect editing.


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