TikTok For Business: An Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Brand Videos 13

Your TikTok for Business can be a real success if you use it effectively. This article gives you a comprehensive guide on how you can use TikTok for Business to gain maximum viewership and likes on your videos.



TikTok For Business: An Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Brand VideosWell-known brands do not need much marketing for getting attention from the public. However, when it comes to new businesses, a video must revolve around brands that need attention from the public. A new brand can be pitched to the market through TikTok for Marketing. This can be made effective with the help of a few strategies such as catchy content and adopting optimum practices.

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optimum practices.
TikTok For Business: An Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Brand Videos 14
  • Be original: Most social media users don’t have access to an expensive DSLR and therefore they create their content with their smartphones and precious time. This reflects their authenticity; by adopting the same approach, your brand’s original identity is reflected. This is particularly helpful as the users tend to create a genuine connection with your brand and a ‘trust’ relationship is built.
  • Using the right ingredients: Right ingredients refer to the visuals that appeal to your audience. The pictures, location, people, and visuals in the video should complement well to your brand. Say, for example, if it is a soft drink being promoted through videos, the relevant people (such as a young girl or children) should be featured in an advertisement in an ideal location and with captivating visuals.
  • Be as creative as possible: It is not mandatory to come up with novel content ideas for TikTok. All you need is existing content which can be made better according to your brand. The idea behind being creative is to engage maximum people from the community, along with the use of trending hashtags to add ‘spice’ to your content.
  • Be unique: It is your distinct brand story and brand personality that makes your business stand out from the rest. Adding a part of what’s already successful with your brand amongst the consumers can be an excellent idea to market your brand as this increases the chances of brand presence since it is directly associated with something your consumer likes.
  • Master the art of how TikTok works: TikTok works differently than other platforms. TikTok for Business is not a formal style platform for the promotion of your products and services, but it is a fun way to market your brands so that it entices your audience. Your video is most likely to gain consumer reach if it appears in top-trending videos and hashtags.        
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CREATING YOUR VIDEO: When you plan to make your first video, tap the black ‘plus’ (+)button at the screen bottom. A notification will appear where TikTok asks for permission access to your smartphone’s camera, pictures, and the microphone. A recording page comes up with the red circle to start recording your video. There are two types of options: 15-second and 60-second. Choose the one which is most suitable for your video needs.

MUSIC AND EFFECTS: These are a must in any and every sort of video. They make the video look attractive with all the colors. Advertising a brand without any music or effects makes the video look dull. Therefore, it is only the music and effects that enhance the beauty of the video.

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To add a song to your video, simply choose it from your music library then tap the red tick button to confirm. Once it loads, return to the recording screen, and the song name appears next to the ‘Sound’ icon. On the right side of the screen, some effects can be added to the TikTok content. These are special effects composing of FLIP (which allows you to access your front and back camera), SPEED (useful in speeding up and slowing down your videos), BEAUTY MODE (makes the face appear clear on the screen by removing the blemishes and imperfections), FILTERS (have different contrast levels, screen colors, etc. There are even options for Food tab which enhance your food’s visual qualities), and lastly TIMER (which, as the name suggests, allows to cut videos according to your preference).

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SHARE YOUR VIDEO: Looks like you are almost done with everything and your ‘perfect’ brand video is ready to be shared. Once the music and effects have been added, tap the red circle with the white tick at the bottom of the screen, then click “Next”. These options can be explored on your video:


  • Adding a description to your video
  • Adding hashtags to make the content look engaging
  • Tagging friends with ‘@’
  • Adding links
  • Customize the audience as you wish
  • Saving the video on an album

The video can also be shared on other popular social media platforms where it is likely to gain traction and likes, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Once the post has been created, the video can either be posted or saved as a draft to be posted later.

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TikTok For Business: An Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Brand Videos 15

Influencer marketing can be useful in expanding your reach. However, influencers on TikTok have a different number of followers, and thus varying levels of influence. While it is true that influencers with a large number of followers charge hefty fees, the potential Return on Investments (ROI) to the firm is greater. These influencers can make your content visible to a much broader, yet a well-targeted audience.


It requires a lot of thought and innovation to produce meaningful content. Therefore, content must be planned for the brands to ensure that best results are received for the efforts especially those that are satisfying and well-aligned with your efforts.

Hence, the videos that you produce or combine should consist of actual users that are endorsing your content to the audience. This way, potential consumers will be invited to use that brand and the existing ones will use it further.