If you have not heard of TikTok, you are truly living under a rock! The logo TikTok is one of the most popular and well-known logos around the world now. It has millions of users from various countries and continues to have people flocking to become members each day.

If you are not on TikTok yet, you need to get on it now. You will find yourself scrolling through the application for hours on the end. That is how engaging the app and it is also extremely user friendly.

logo TikTok
Logo TikTok- Why you need to be on TikTok now? 4

Any day you are bored, TikTok is the only thing you will need to entertain yourself. You can watch videos other people have made and uploaded online for hours. There is a never-ending supply of the most entertaining videos on this app. In 2021, the TikTok application was the most downloaded app online! That is how popular and loved this video platform is.

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But TikTok offers so much more than just videos for you to watch. It also offers you the perfect platform to unleash your talents and take hold of your passions. By posting short videos on TikTok, you are on the threshold of fame. You are in a position where you can reach out to a huge audience for your content. And who knows, you might even go viral!

The logo TikTok is one of the most iconic and well-known logos from around the world. Anyone anywhere can identify the logo. More than 800 million users all around the globe click on this logo every day as they log in to TikTok to watch videos and even upload some themselves.

The app was launched by the Chinese tech giant named ByteDance in 2016. The logo of the application has the colours blue, pink and white against the black. And this didn't just come out of nowhere for the logo creator. The designer took inspiration from how a stage looked like when it was lit during a rock concert and so was born the logo TikTok.

logo TikTok
Logo TikTok- Why you need to be on TikTok now? 5

The logo is a musical note and it looks 3 dimensional the way it is designed and structured. The neon colours overlap each other on the logo and this is done to showcase vibrations born out of music.

TikTok is a platform that allows so many people to share videos of themselves that they have created. By uploading such videos, they are opening themselves up to a large audience that might even like their content and videos. TikTok has the potential to put you in the spotlight among millions of active users it has worldwide.

It is no longer something that people are using to have fun or make fun videos. The popularity of the app has made it expand into becoming an app with serious potential. Even brands and businesses have started using TikTok as a platform to promote their brand image and connect with their audience.

TikTok has evolved from being just a platform that allowed people to lip-sync and make videos to a huge social network with immense potential. It is now up there, competing with apps and social media apps like Instagram and Facebook when it comes to popularity. Many say that it is a waste of time or that it is too addictive, but no one can deny the growth of this application.

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The mass adoption of this social network across the globe is what led TikTok in being a common household name over the years. Youngsters took to it like bees to flowers. Kids found themselves spending hours scrolling the app. And even adults found the app something to try out. In short, if you are not on TikTok till now, you need to get on it.