How to Get Where Is Your Soulmate Filter on TikTok & IG? Read on to know.

Filters have turned out to become a very attractive medium used for expression. They are interesting, fun-filled, and can increase the popularity of your regular videos and pictures. One of the most commonly used filters is the ‘Where is your soulmate filter’. This filter can give many fun-filled answers to interesting questions. The answers include, there are too many or on their way to you and a lot of others. It is very simple to use and you can also share it with your friends on TikTok and IG. To know more about how to get where is your soulmate filter on TikTok and IG, read this post till the end. 

how to get “Where Is Your Soulmate “ filter on TikTok and IG

How to get Where is your soulmate filter on TikTok & IG?

A lot of people might not know how to get the Where Is Your Soulmate filter on TikTok and IG but you can avail it on any other photo-sharing app. This filter was developed by @erikasnacks. For locating this Instagram filter, you can just follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the record option on the homepage of Instagram.
  2. Swipe across and launch the camera.
  3. Tap on the present filter.
  4. You will find a small arrow just below the record option. Tap on it.
  5. You will then be redirected to a different tab that shows the Discover Effects option on the right side bottom of the webpage.
  6. Tap on the tab and start searching for where is my soulmate.
  7. You will find many other filters too but you must search for that particular filter called “Where is your soulmate” on its radar.
  8. You will be asked to update the Instagram app to the newest version.
  9. Later on, the video can be downloaded with other answers to all questions interpreted by just the filter. 
  10. One thing is common for both the applications that are you must use a selfie camera and the most updated version of the application.

These are the steps to be followed on how to get Where Is Your Soulmate filter on TikTok and IG.

How to use this filter on Instagram?

how to get “Where Is Your Soulmate “ filter on TikTok and IG

Instagram is an application that proffers a lot of fun and entertainment to the users. Instagram provides several new features. It is a great platform to explore and earn an extra source of income. Instagram has a new filter that has become a trend these days. If you are wondering how you could use this filter, we have got you covered. The section below will provide the entire process in concrete detail. 

  1. To begin with, tap on the icon of a smiley that is exactly under your story highlights. Once this step is followed, you could then try the filter for yourself by tapping on the Try option. 
  2. The next step forward is to open up your camera on the Instagram application. After this, you would be able to find the soulmate filter. 
  3. Click on the filter and you could then start recording your video. 
  4. Another most important part is that you could try again and again till you create the best video. 
  5. Once the video is created, you could then save it on your gallery or directly share it on your IG story or feed. 
  6. You could also share the video as a post through your account. 

This was all about the steps that you need to take to make your video with the soulmate filter. To know how to use the filter on TikTok, continue reading further. The second section will help you get answers to your query in detail.