How Many Videos Are There On YouTube
How Many Videos Are There On YouTube? 5

It would be near to impossible to figure out just how many videos are there on YouTube, as people from all around the world are uploading more than 100 hours of video content per minute. By the time you’ll finish reading this article, more than 1,000 hours of content will already be up on YouTube for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Thus, content is constantly getting uploaded as more and more users join the platform each minute.


If we look at the growth of YouTube as a social media platform, the site has skyrocketed in terms of popularity. Humans are visually wired, which means that digesting visual content in the form of videos is much easier compared to written content. Many people now prefer to watch a review of how to use a product than reading the instructions manual it came with. Now YouTube has grown so immensely that you will be able to find how-to videos about almost anything!

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How Many Videos Are There On YouTube?

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How Many Videos Are There On YouTube? 6

Considering that a single YouTube video is around 2 minutes in duration and about 275 million videos in total, it would take around 1450+ years for a single person to watch all the content that is currently on the platform. Although the current number of videos on YouTube isn’t precisely known, it was calculated to be around 144 million in August 2008. The number has since rapidly increased and it is quite difficult to determine just how many videos are there on YouTube.

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According to the statistics provided by the company, around 2.3 billion users have been added to the mix as of 2021. YouTube has now become the second most popular platform, falling closely behind Facebook. These 2.3 billion users are people who actively use the platform and sign in at least once a month. As the platform’s popularity is at an all-time high, its reach has slowly seeped into other platforms e.g. WhatsApp’s auto-play feature for YouTube videos.

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Uploading a video about products allows brands to showcase their products without having to allocate a huge budget for advertising. As the platform is completely free, it’s so much easier for people to show their skill and make a decent living from it. Uploading videos on YouTube has now become a very lucrative profession. In today’s age, most kids would say that they want to become a YouTuber as they get to work flexibly and follow their passion. The highest-paid YouTuber is Ryan’s World, a kid no more than 10 years old who makes videos on YouTube.

On average, people consume around one billion hours of YouTube videos every day, so that would mean that every person watches at least 8.4 minutes of YouTube daily. As people need fresh material all the time, new videos are being uploaded very frequently. YouTubers also do this to stay on trend. As by recent estimates, it was said that around 79 percent of internet users have a YouTube account.

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So, how many videos are there on YouTube? As a single search can bring around a million search results, it can only be assumed that the number of videos on YouTube is currently in billions. As more and more creators are jumping on this free website to make content or to promote their products, its popularity streak doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. As many people are jumping on the platform, the competition for being number one has also increased greatly. Thus, if you want to get your video seen on YouTube, we would suggest uploading it now before it gets lost in the sea of a trillion search results!