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It's not a new update that thousands of people are managing to build a real career on YouTube. The platform is no longer a video-posting site only.  Instead, it’s now turned into a source of income that offers much more profit potential if compared to television. Using YouTube, people can earn enough money to support their families and have a comfortable life. By getting a substantial number of subscribers to their channel and views on their videos people can get significant financial returns. Thinking about this, we decided to bring the list of the most subscribed YouTubers. Let’s get started?

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the WORLD

We separated the list as follows, channels with the most views and also channels with the most subscribers. So enjoy all the info jotted down in one place!

Channels with the most INSCRIPTIONS:

Here are the top 10 Youtube channels in the world, sorted by the number of subscribers in their channels.

T-Series: 183 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTubers - Galaxy Marketing

Over-taking PewDiePie in the run of most subscribed YouTubers, the Indian film production and record label company made it to the top. Though, losing 1,920 days of pride of being one of the most subscribed YouTubers, PewDiePie is putting all its effort to the fore. Well, it’s all in the hands of time if PewDiePie could make it again.

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Cocomelon - Nursei Rhymes: 112 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTubers

It’s an exclusive kid’s channel in the list of most subscribed YouTubers. As the name suggests, this channel banks a very wide range of nursery rhymes related to a range of subjects. On the other hand, such popularity of a kid’s channel also portrays how sufficiently kids have adopted it for entertainment. It features CGI characters and locations in a pretty well-designed cartoonish animation.  

PewDiePie: 110 million subscribers

The most Subscribed YouTubers

As discussed earlier, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie used to be the most subscribed YouTubers. Though he stands third on the list now, he is still the most popular and highest earner on YouTube. Few controversies related to his rivalry with other channels have contributed more to his popularity.

His main focus is gaming which includes a Livestream of his game-play. In addition to this, he is also into vlogging, meme review series, and collaboration with fellow YouTubers. 

SET India: 105 million subscribers

Top 10 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022 | Marketing91

Sony Entertainment Television or SET, India stands at the fourth position in the list of most subscribed YouTubers. Well, a reason which we could consider behind its success is people switching from television to YouTube. This channel meets up the expectation which you could have from a TV channel, including TV shows, episode clips, and movie trailers.    

Kids Diana Show: 79.1 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTubers - Galaxy Marketing

Talking about kid’s channel popularity on YouTube, Kids Diana Show made its way to rank as the fifth most subscribed YouTuber. This proves that YouTube has got plenty of kid users on board. This channel portrays the life of a girl called Diana and shows what it’s like to be a kid.   

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WWE: 77.6 million subscribers

WWE News / WWE Youtube milestone / WWE 50 Billion views milestone / WWE  Smackdown Live / WWE Raw LIVE

Who doesn’t know about WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment? Well, many of us started watching it from our childhood days. This immensely popular sport has not only left its mark on television, but it also made its way to the list of the most subscribed YouTubers. With tens of millions of subscribers from across the globe, this channel features matches, recaps, backstage stories, and interviews.  

Like Nastya: 74.2 million subscribers

Like Nastya - Most subscribed YouTubers

Another channel with its focus on kids is Like Nastya with 74.2 million subscribers. The channel represents Like Nastya and her parents who recreate scenes from films, Tv shows, singing songs, and rhymes along with videos of their trips.

Zee Music Company: 73.4 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTubers - Galaxy Marketing

As a destination for music lovers, Zee Music Company is an Indian channel comprising music videos. As per the channel’s statement, it can be said that the total aggregation of video content is of about 220k hours.

5-Minute Crafts: 72.5 million subscribers

5-Minute Crafts - The most subscribed YouTubers

5-min craft is a DIY channel that explores various DIY tricks that can make living convenient. Besides, it makes you learn several skills that can help you in doing your jobs without troubling your pocket much.

The channel started its journey in the year 2016 and with time, it experienced noteworthy growth and today, we know its name as one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the world.

Vlad and Niki: 68.4 million subscribers

The most subscribed YouTubers

This Kid's channel features two brothers. The videos are usually of the natural playful kiddish engagement of Vlad and Nike- the duo. The channel is live since2018.

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Canal KondZilla - Deserves a Mention in the list of the most subscribed Youtubers with 64.1 million subscribers

The 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in the World

Konrad Cunha Dantas’s KondZilla is an exclusive music channel. The channel owner, Dantas is a music producer and he typically posts pieces of music from KondZilla Records. The kinds of music he uploads revolve around the funk ostentação genre and their popularity is increasing every day. You can check out a handful of behind-the-scene videos as well while exploring kondZilla.

Channels with the most VIEWS in the world

Here are the top 10 Youtube channels in the world, ordered by the number of views on their channels.

  • T-Series 155,274,249,659 billion views
  • Cocomelon - Nursey Rhymes 102,410,425,773 billion views
  • SET India 88,679,184,538 billion views
  • WWE 59,006,759,263 billion views
  • Like Nastya 57,994,428,630 billion views
  • Kids Diana Show 56,759,696,602 billion views
  • Sony SAB 54,785,206,906 billion views
  • Movieclips 51,739,100,976 billion views
  • Vlad and Nike 49,321,754,915 billion views
  • Ryan's World 47,238,145,464 billion views

Hope this looks interesting and useful! Enjoy floating around in the world of YouTube. Indeed, it's a great platform to gain knowledge, learn new skills, and of course, spending marvelous leisure!

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