YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 8

YouTube is not only the go-to destination for video content; it is also after Google's second-most-visited site.

While you might think 15 years is a long enough time to see this sort of success, just one year after its launch in 2005, the platform was already seeing rapid growth. This accounted for 60 per cent of all online video views by July 2006.

So if you need an instructional video about how to do it, or if you want to watch it fun to pass the time, YouTube is where it is. You can't afford to remove this from the marketing mix with the site being so successful and engaging.

That is why knowing and understanding YouTube statistics, in particular YouTube video statistics, user demographics and use data, is crucial. Check out these 40 useful YouTube statistics to fuel your 2022 marketing strategy:

YouTube demographics statistics

Understanding the demographics and use of YouTube data will give you a deeper understanding of the potential of the site for reaching the target market. Find out how large an impact YouTube can have on the online operation of people:

  1. There are now 2 billion unique YouTube users every month–a 5 percent rise from the previously published figures in 2021. That makes it one of the largest platforms in social media. Now it's all the more important to include it regardless of your business or niche in your marketing plan.
  2. If the large user count is not enough to persuade you, remember that more U.S. users between the ages of 18 and 49 than all cable TV networks combined access the web.
  3. YouTube is also, after Netflix, the second most favored channel by 18-34-year-olds to watch videos on TV screens.
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YouTube demographics statistics
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 9

4. YouTube is the ideal medium to meet a adolescent and young adult audience, since the app is used by 81 per cent of US internet users aged 15 to 25.
5. Curiously, YouTube is also popular among many age groups. US internet users ages 26-35, 67 percent of ages 36-45, 66 percent of ages 46-55 and 58 percent of ages 56 and older have a 71 percent use.
6. The platform achieves global scope, as users are able to use it in 80 languages. YouTube has in reality also released local versions of the site in more than 100 countries.

7. But even though you're just selling your company globally, YouTube is still an excellent outlet since the largest pool of users is in the US. According to Alexa, the US accounts for 15.2 per cent of its site traffic.

selling your company globally
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 10

YouTube usage statistics

8. YouTube video figures say you are becoming increasingly popular watching Videos on TV screens. Users viewed over 250 million hours of YouTube on TV screens as of March 2021–an rise of 39 per cent in less than one year. Such figures exclude viewing on Google's internet pay-TV service and YouTube TV.

9. Despite this recent phenomenon, mobile still dominates YouTube users with 70% of the overall watch time coming from mobile devices.
10. YouTube users are highly active and stream one billion hours of content every day on average.
11. Over 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute–an increase of 40 percent since 2014. That's about 30,000 hours of new content posted every hour, in other words.

12. The average user spends every day on the site about 11:50 minutes and views about 6,740 pages, indicating high levels of activity.

YouTube usage statistics
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 11

13. Music videos are getting the most attention from viewers according to YouTube video figures. In reality, they make up most of the top 30 most watched YouTube videos with "Despacito" peaking at 6.60 billion views in the chart.
14. Don't worry. In addition to music videos, advertisers and content creators can produce plenty of other common video content styles. Reviews of the goods, how-tos and vlogs are among the top three kinds of videos that get loads of views.

YouTuber stats and facts

An analysis of the platform's top YouTube channel stats and YouTuber stats will help you understand which channels and content creators have the most strength. Using this data to fuel the 2022 marketing and collaboration strategy with influencers:

15.YouTube channel stats show that with 123 million subscribers, the T-Series is still the most successful channel as of January 2022. This is despite the uproar over fake subscribers in 2021 where the channel lost 200,000 subscribers following a ban on YouTube.
16. With 102 million subscribers, the video game analyst PewDiePie comes on second.
17. But when it comes to sales, figures and data from YouTuber show that the children are raking in the big bucks. The highest earning YouTuber is Ryan Kaji, 8, who made $26 million for his unboxing videos from 2021 to 2021.

18. Although Dude Great is second with $20 million in earnings, Anastasia Radzinskaya, 5, comes close with an estimated $18 million in earnings.
19. PewDiePie, the former top-earning YouTuber, now ranks seventh, and ties with Markiplier with an estimated $13 million earnings.
20. In the beauty industry, influencer content accounts for 60% of YouTube's video views, while brands make up 39%. The remaining 1 per cent of views go to material for the publisher.

YouTuber stats and facts
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 12

YouTube stats for B2B marketers

While many of the above YouTube stats concentrate on general consumer demographics and use, B2B marketers should not be dissuaded from using the site. When you are using the right tactics, YouTube can be a strong tool to draw and engage a B2B audience too. Take a look at these YouTube B2B stats to power your 2022 marketing efforts:

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21.Video is one of the top five most frequently used content forms by B2B marketers, 71 per cent of which use it. Which means if you are trying to keep up with the competition, YouTube will be part of the B2B marketing mix.
22. YouTube is also the fourth most used social media site for the marketing of organic content, 53 percent of B2B marketers use it.

YouTube stats for B2B marketers
YouTube stats and facts to power your 2022 marketing strategy 13

23. YouTube ranks fifth among the most commonly used sites with respect to paying social services. For distributed paid content, 11 per cent of B2B marketers use the site.
24. As they are insightful and personal, webinars are among the top-performing content forms to obtain and convert B2B leads. And if you're not using them yet, be sure to include them in your 2022 YouTube marketing plan.

25. However, between 2021 and 2021, 64 per cent of B2B marketers expanded their use of audio / visual content such as webinars and live streaming. Upload and republish your webinar sessions on YouTube, to reach an even wider audience.

Making the most of these YouTube stats

These key stats and facts about YouTube show just how impactful the site can be for B2B and B2C marketers. Although it is desirable to attract a younger audience, YouTube is strong enough to engage customers in all age groups as well.

Consider adding YouTube Live to the 2022 plan, as people expect brands to watch live videos. So if you are running paid ads on the web, you may want to go for ads on Google Preferred so TrueView to get the best return on your ad spending.

What of these YouTube stats would most stand out for you and why? In the comments please let us know.