The average YouTube pay varies between $0.01 and $0.03 for a single ad view. That would make any YouTuber earn $18 for every 1000 ad views. Although the consumer market of YouTube is ever-growing, the competitiveness on the platform is not slowing down any time soon. Getting more views and engagement is a sure way of earning more on the platform and will ultimately lead to stardom. Waiting and working towards a larger viewer and subscriber count can take a while. Paying for YouTube views, however, will guarantee that your channel gains more attention and that you earn more from targeted ads on your videos.

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How to Increase YouTube Views?

How to Increase YouTube Views
Will paying for YouTube views make you famous? 6

Youtubers are now the new celebrities of the world, as their content is easy and accessible for all. YouTube has essentially become a new career path, that is highly lucrative, thus making a lot of young people flock to the platform in hopes of becoming millionaires. The one and sure way to get the most out of the website is to increase your YouTube views so that more people can engage with the content, as well as the ads placed on your videos. A few easy ways to get more views on your videos are as follows:

get more views on your videos are as follows
Will paying for YouTube views make you famous? 7
  • Write captivating titles and have a proper introduction. A great way is to look at some well-established YouTube channels and to learn how to write titles that will drive more people in.
  • A quick way to increase your views without paying for YouTube views is to mention keywords in your videos. This will help the algorithm work better and improve your reach on YouTube too! as it helps YouTube better understand where and who to show your video to.
  • Getting your audience to like and comment on your videos is a sure way, to increase engagement and will ultimately have your YouTube videos ranked higher in the popular videos.
  • The most important thing to know before making your YouTube videos is to know who your target market is. Knowing what your content is going to look like will help you when you’re making your creative decisions and will also help you gather more information about your target market. Centering your content and targeting a niche is proven to get more likes on YouTube.

Is Paying for YouTube Views Proven to Get more Views?

Is Paying for YouTube Views Proven to Get more Views
Will paying for YouTube views make you famous? 8

If all else fails, you can easily pay for YouTube Views and get more engagement through it. Paying viewers for views will mean that they will watch the whole ad and that you will receive the monetization value from each ad that they watch. Many sites will allow you to pay for views and will help you increase organic growth too. However, the act of paying for views is not advised by YouTube or Youtubers and seems to be a last resort if you want to gain more views.


Now even if you are not driven by money, if you want to make YouTube your profession, you will need to implement some social media strategies to get more views and drive attention to your channel. Although paying for YouTube views you want can seem like an easy and sure way, it is not recommended by Youtube’s policies. Thus, if you want to showcase your talent on YouTube, you will need to use all the promotional tactics out there. We wish you all the best in your YouTube endeavors and hope that you found this article helpful!