Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing
Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing? 25

YouTube needs no introduction. If it does, let’s just say it is a friend without which we cannot function or make it through the day. It is the friend that not only helps us when we are bored but also when we require immediate help with solving daily issues as well complex problems. Since YouTube is so dear to us, one of the most annoying things we face is when we are watching our favorite videos and YouTube pauses! It is seriously very irritating when the circle on your smart phone is making countless rounds and the video is stuck for a long period. Today we will answer the question ‘why does YouTube keep pausing?’ and offer you some solutions.


Does YouTube keep pausing because of my internet connection?

Does YouTube keep pausing because of my internet connection
Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing? 26

We rarely check on our internet devices and speed mainly because we believe that the internet package we bought is so good that it will not pose any problem, but guess what? We forget the fact that there are a number of people in our house using the same internet at the same time! Due to that, our internet connection becomes less effective in providing us an uninterrupted video-watching experience on YouTube.

When so many people are streaming their favorite videos at the same time, there is a huge possibility that your internet will start to create issues. It simultaneously sends multiple signals to multiple devices, hence putting a load on the server which in return causes the video to pause. Some other reasons may include that you have opened multiple tabs on your laptop or on your smart phone. Having multiple tabs open on your laptop also causes delays while playing videos on YouTube as the signals transmitted are entertaining other websites as well. Make sure to close unnecessary tabs on your browser when streaming videos to avoid uncalled-for pauses.


YouTube problems

It is somewhat unbelievable but yes, YouTube itself can be the reason of why videos keep pausing! We live in a tech savvy world but it’s inevitable to encounter technical issues sometimes. It may be surprising for many, but it is true that apps can have issues while performing and YouTube is no exception.

The YouTube App may have technical faults and bugs that cause a pause in your viewing experience. It would be a good idea to wait a moment, close all apps, and then play your video again. Just like it is necessary at times to close unnecessary tabs on your laptop, it is important to close needless apps running in the background to overcome such issues.


Full storage

Android users face storage issues quite often as many of them download games that are pretty heavy on smart phone memory storage. Whether it is a business application like LinkedIn or an entertainment one like Netflix, most apps take up a lot of space. Even apps such as a document reader, that might seem to be occupying very minimal storage, are in fact quite heavy. This is one of the main reasons why YouTube keeps pausing as YouTube itself requires a certain amount of space to perform its functions smoothly and in an uninterrupted manner.

It is highly recommended to keep a check on your phone storage in order to ensure that all operations run smoothly. Otherwise you would face severe issues with not just YouTube but other functions of your phone as well. YouTube would certainly not perform optimally, not because the app itself is at fault but because the phone’s storage is overloaded with heavy applications. This other data would create extreme difficulties for the app to run videos smoothly. Here, the case is pretty simple – all you have to do is to clean up your storage and delete unwanted apps in your phone. This will generate ample space for you to run your favorite videos on YouTube without any pauses!

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Outdated app

Even the most popular applications needs to be updated and for obvious reasons. Nothing is perfect especially when it comes to technology. There are many glitches that hinder the performance of not just your smart phone but of your favorite applications as well. That’s why updates are super important – they provide you with better and more refined versions of your favorite apps.

Many of us do not realize it, but avoiding updating your app may be the reason it is not functioning optimally and causing the annoying pauses while you stream videos. Updating your YouTube App doesn’t require much time and is very simple to do.

All you need to do is navigate a little, go to the app store or your phone settings, view the apps which require updates, and press the update button. It will hardly take a few minutes before your app is all ready to go without any pauses. Next time you face any delays while you are on YouTube, don’t ask ‘why does YouTube keep pausing?’ – It is because you didn’t update it!

Uninstalling and installing again

Well it may sound a bit old school but uninstalling and then reinstalling your YouTube App might just be the answer that you are looking for. Yes, these hacks are very useful and at times they work wonders. All you need to do is uninstall your app, wait a few moments, and then reinstall. All those pauses will disappear as if they never existed.

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Why may this technique be the answer to your problem? It is because while we download certain applications, there is a chance that our network has gotten disconnected and reconnected within fractions of seconds. This might cause delays in transferring necessary data which is required to completely load the application. Hence, when it’s installed it may have certain bits and pieces of information missing and due to which glitches occur. To avoid this, uninstalling and reinstalling is always option as it ensures smooth running of the app. Not to mention, the whole process hardly takes a few minutes so it is not so tedious either.


It is quite normal to encounter problems when we are so dependent on technology and especially when we are using social apps for one purpose or another almost all the time. YouTube is facilitates so many of our needs like listening to music, watching movies, accessing guides etc. So when we are hooked on to something so much we shouldn’t be clueless about it – we should know ‘why does YouTube keep pausing’ and how to deal with these delays. We hope this article helped and you can now enjoy an uninterrupted video-watching experience!