YouTube is not all fun and play. YouTubers take their jobs very seriously and some have also touched the peak of their careers by extending their reach to the business world. There are a lot of famous YouTuber merchandise lines out there that people buy and use, but which is the best YouTuber merch? Keep reading to find out.

Which is the Best YouTuber Merch?

Teddy Fresh

Which is the Best YouTuber Merch
Which is the Best YouTuber Merch? 7

Teddy Fresh is a merchandise of H3H3 Productions on YouTube that was inspired by children’s fashion designs. However, it is meant for adults who want to wear fresh designs and look trendy. The brand sells hoodies, beanies, socks, t-shirts and other clothing accessories that have unique designs and colors in them.

H3H3 Productions is a comedy channel hosted by Ethan Klein and Hila Klein who make funny videos together. Teddy Fresh was launched recently by the channel and became popular worldwide because of its fresh designs, excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Ryce Merch

Ryce Merch
Which is the Best YouTuber Merch? 8

RiceGum is a YouTube channel that makes songs and music videos. RiceGum released his own brand of YouTuber merch clothing named Ryce Merch.

Since the YouTuber is Vietnamese-American, he is becoming famous for his unique fashion sense. Ryce Merch is a clothing brand that sells hoodies, t-shirts, jeans etc. in a different look than usual.


Which is the Best YouTuber Merch? 9

Heard of PewDiePie? Well, then you might also be aware of the famous Tsuki. It was launched in 2021 by PewDiePie and his now wife Marzia. Just like its name (which moon in Japanese), all the items are light-colored and unique. It’s a unisex brand that makes clothing items for both men and women, as well as homeware items to decorate your interior in a trendy manner. The styles are fresh and fashionable that are attracting attention of many people and is worth it too.

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Loose Change

Loose Change
Which is the Best YouTuber Merch? 10

Loose Change is a clothing brand launched by Faze Banks in collaboration with other famous YouTubers like Rice Gum, Alissa Violet and Summer Ray. Together, they are called Clout Gang. The brand produces simple clothing with just a logo and simple designs on the sleeves.

What makes them worth your money is the simplicity, cool look and durable material. Loose Change sells all kinds of clothing and accessories including tops, bottoms, outerwear, footwear and other accessories. The wide variety is another plus point for Loose Change.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect
Which is the Best YouTuber Merch? 11

Dude Perfect is a sports brand launched by the YouTube channel with the same name. The channel idea revolves around sports competitions and training in a fun way as two friends make competitions in the videos and compete against each other to encourage the sports enthusiasts all around the world.

Dude Perfect is a sports clothing brand that mainly sells sports tees, fleece, socks, bottoms and much more. Since its main theme is sports, the brand also includes special basket balls, neck gaiters with logos, sports bottles and signed posters by Dude Perfect YouTubers.

To conclude, we suggest that you buy what you think will be the best for you. Buying something just because it is released by famous YouTubers is not a good idea. Think about your choice and decide what YouTuber merch you want before they run out!