You have a YouTube channel, plus a website to maintain? Link them together. What’s the benefit? For once, it will become easy to manage them both at the same time. Or you might already be thinking about it if you have a YouTube channel for the sole purpose of promoting your website. So, how can you link or embed videos on your site? Where is YouTube Embed Code in your videos? Going forward, we are going to cover all these topics. So keep reading to know the necessary steps.


Before you ask where is YouTube embed code, you need to know if you should link videos on your site or embed them. That’s because this is the most technical question you’ll encounter once you link the site with your channel. What’s best? Is it better to add the link to your video in the article, or just embed the video itself? What do visitors prefer when they visit a website? We’d suggest embedding a video is better than the link. Let’s look at our reasons why we said that.

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        I.  Improves for Your Website:

Embedding a video will improve the page ranking and your article might land a place on the first page of search engine. That’s because video content is the highly sought out content form for the netizens when they are surfing the internet. They’d prefer to watch it, rather than reading about it. Some people also search their query in the video tab of the engine. The embedded video can make your page appear in that tab too, which would otherwise be excluded from the results.

      II.  Increases Time Spent on the Page:

Watching a video takes time as compared to the skimmed reading. So, if you embed the video in your article, visitors will most likely watch it and as a result, the average time they spend on the website will increase. How can that help you? Well, you might already be aware of Google’s criteria for ranking a search result, but average time visitors spend on, is one of the top among them.

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    III.  Improves Brand Identity:

Your videos have your brand logo in them. If you embed them in the web page articles, more people will recognize your label and will likely watch your videos more since they recognize and trust your brand more.

How to Embed the YouTube Video? Where is YouTube Embed Code?

It is really easy to embed a YouTube video in the web page, but where is YouTube embed code? You can find it in the Share option easily. However, you need to use your computer to actually embed a video. Just follow the steps and you are good to go:

  • Open your YouTube channel and go to the video you want to embed
the video you want to embed
Where is YouTube Embed Code? 12
  • Click Share icon under the video
Click Share icon under the video
Where is YouTube Embed Code? 13
  • You can find an Embed option there. Click on the Embed
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where is youtube embed code
Where is YouTube Embed Code? 14
  • A box will appear that contains the Embed Code you want. Copy the code from there.
where is youtube embed code
Where is YouTube Embed Code? 15
  • In your website HTML, paste the code.
  • Publish the article after necessary editing

You only need to make sure that you self-designate the video if it is age restricted. This will restrict some features, but unnecessary ads will not show.