What's trending on YouTube
What's trending on YouTube 12

As a YouTuber, you need to be fully aware of all the latest trends. When you are in the social media industry, you must understand the metrics. These metrics consist of all the statistics related to your channel and the genre of the videos. Once you can understand what performs best, you can make videos accordingly. Trends form when many people are consuming a specific genre of videos more as compared to others. Some trends are formed because many creators are making the same type of videos.


If you want to use this platform to find out what’s trending on YouTube then this article will help you. We will explore the way to find out what trends are being followed on YouTube. We will also look at ways to get your videos trending and how trends can help grow your channel.

If you are looking for new trends or just curious about what's trending on youtube, then youtube itself is the best place to look at. The first thing you need to do is look at the menu on the right-hand side of the homepage. Over there, you will see the icon ‘Explore’. Once you click on explore, you will see the button ‘Trending’ on top of the page. When you click on that, all the trending videos will be displayed. The drawback of this method is that you cant filter out topics or genres. You will have to figure out for yourself what's trending, as there is no option to filter the results.

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You can change the settings according to your location. This allows you to see what is trending in different countries. For example, if you want to find out what is trending in the United States then you can click on the location in the settings and set it to the US.

Figure out what’s trending on YouTube
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You can use certain extensions that can allow you to filter results. For example, VIDIQ is a company that provides you with several tools which you can use to see what’s trending. You can use their ‘most viewed’ tool to filter out each of the categories and see what latest trends are being followed within them. Another company that you can use is called TubeBuddy, which offers similar tools as VIDIQ. You can use them to filter out the latest results, category-wise.

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Grow your platform

Grow your platform
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When you look at trending videos, you will be able to see the important keywords and topics that are getting attention from the public. This way you can incorporate these keywords into your titles and hashtags so they get more engagement from the audience. Your videos will get a chance to feature on the trending page itself.

People usually search keywords when looking for related videos. If your video contains any of the trending keywords then there are more chances for it to show up upon searches. This way you will get more views on your videos, likes, and comments. All of this is needed for videos to get a chance to trend on YouTube. Thus, by finding out what’s trending on youtube, you will be able to grow your channel. This is why you must figure out the metrics. It can take some time; however, once you figure out the basics, you can succeed.

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