What Youtuber Are You?

Have you ever wondered what kind of Youtuber you would be? Well, wonder no more! As a social media expert at Galaxy Marketing, I've seen all kinds of creators emerge from the vast world of Youtube. In this article, I'll guide you through different types of YouTubers and help you discover what kind of content creator you would be.

The Vlogger

The vlogger is the most popular type of Youtuber out there. They film their daily lives and share it with their audience. Vloggers are known to share information about their daily routine, their thoughts, and opinions on various topics, and give their audience a glimpse into their life. If you're someone who loves to talk and share your life with others, then you might be a vlogger.

One of the most popular subgenres of vlogging is travel vlogging. It involves showcasing your travels through videos. Travel vloggers can share their experiences with different cultures and destinations. They can also provide tips on how to travel efficiently and cheaply. For those who want to start a vlogging channel, the first step is to create a channel and choose a niche.

The Gamer

If you love playing video games and sharing your gaming experience with others, then you might be a gamer on Youtuber. Gamers are known for their entertaining gameplay videos, game reviews, and walkthroughs. Gamers can also create content that is related to the gaming industry, such as news, reviews, and opinions. If you are a gamer, start by recording yourself playing your favorite games and sharing your thoughts and experiences with your audience.

One popular trend in gaming content is the creation of Let's Play videos. These are videos that showcase the gameplay of a specific title or series. Let's Play videos can be informative, entertaining, and humorous. Gamers can also make videos of their favorite gaming moments, gaming challenges, and gaming trivia.

The Beauty Guru

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If you're into makeup and skincare and love sharing your beauty tips with others, then you might be a beauty guru. Beauty gurus are known for their makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare routines. Beauty gurus can make videos on various topics, including makeup tips, skincare routines, and product reviews. They can also create videos on topics such as hair care, fashion, and lifestyle.

One popular type of video among beauty gurus is the "Get Ready With Me" video. This video involves showcasing the process of getting ready for a specific event or occasion. The video can include the application of makeup, hair styling, and outfit selection. Beauty gurus can also create videos on their favorite makeup products, skincare products, and beauty hacks.

The Comedian

If you're someone who loves to make people laugh, then you might be a comedian Youtuber. Comedians are known for their funny skits, parodies, and pranks. Comedians can create videos on various topics, including politics, pop culture, and everyday life. They can also collaborate with other comedians to create hilarious content.

One popular trend in comedy content is the creation of parodies. Parodies can be based on movies, TV shows, or popular songs. Comedians can also create videos that showcase their humor through skits or stand-up comedy.

The Foodie

If you're someone who loves to cook and share your culinary creations with others, then you might be a foodie Youtuber. Foodies are known for their cooking tutorials, recipe videos, and restaurant reviews. Foodies can make videos on various topics, including recipe ideas, cooking techniques, and food trends.

One popular type of video among foodies is the "Cook with Me" video. This video involves showcasing the process of cooking a specific recipe. The video can include the preparation of ingredients, cooking techniques, and plating. Foodies can also create videos on their favorite restaurants, food products, and food hacks.

The Traveler

If you love to travel and share your adventures with others, then you might be a traveler on Youtuber. Travelers are known for their travel vlogs, destination reviews, and travel tips. Travelers can make videos on various topics, including itinerary ideas, travel hacks, and budget travel.

One popular trend in travel content is the creation of destination videos. These videos showcase the beauty and culture of a specific destination. Travelers can also create videos on their favorite travel experiences, travel gear, and travel hacks.

The Educator

If you're someone who loves to teach and share your knowledge with others, then you might be an educator on Youtuber. Educators are known for their educational videos, tutorials, and lectures. Educators can create videos on various topics, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), history, and language learning.

One popular trend in educational content is the creation of explainer videos. These videos aim to explain a complex topic in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Educators can also create videos on their favorite educational resources, teaching tips, and study strategies.

The Fitness Enthusiast

If you're someone who loves to work out and share your fitness journey with others, then you might be a fitness enthusiast Youtuber. Fitness enthusiasts are known for their workout tutorials, fitness challenges, and supplement reviews. Fitness enthusiasts can create videos on various topics, including workout routines, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

One popular trend in fitness content is the creation of workout challenges. These challenges can be focused on specific body parts or fitness goals. Fitness enthusiasts can also create videos on their favorite workout gear, nutrition supplements, and fitness hacks.


In conclusion, there are many different types of YouTubers out there. Whether you're a vlogger, gamer, beauty guru, comedian, foodie, traveler, educator, or fitness enthusiast, there's a place for you on Youtube. With the right content and audience, you could become the next big Youtube star.

When starting a Youtube channel, it's important to choose a niche and create content that is unique and engaging. Creating quality content is essential for building a loyal audience and growing your channel. Consistency is also key when it comes to creating content. Posting regular videos will help you maintain your audience's interest and attract new viewers.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your social media presence and become a successful Youtuber, contact us at Galaxy Marketing. We offer a range of social media marketing services that can help you reach your goals and achieve success on Youtube.

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Discover Your Inner YouTuber


What was the first YouTube channel to hit $1 million?

The YouTube channel FRED reached 2 million subscribers in 4 years, making it the first channel to achieve this milestone. Other channels such as Smosh and Nigahiga reached 1 million and 5 million subscribers respectively, with Ray William Johnson also achieving significant success. These milestones demonstrate the growing popularity and impact of online content creation.

Do YouTubers know their subscribers?

Viewers will appear on your list of recent subscribers if they have made their subscriptions public and have subscribed to your channel within the past 28 days.

Do YouTubers know their subscribers

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There are many types of pseudonyms, including names used in the entertainment industry (such as stage names or screen names), names used in sports (such as ring names), names used in literature (such as pen names), informal names (such as nicknames), alternative identities (such as superhero identities), and names used for secrecy (such as code names).

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Cool names with extra attitude are known as badass names, and they are powerful and impressive in every way possible.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved a new social media milestone by becoming the first user to reach 500 million subscribers on Instagram, breaking yet another popularity record on the platform. This achievement was announced on November 23rd, 2022.

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