In this era of online entertainment, there are literally zillions of options available to watch on YouTube. From most popular to not-so-popular but interesting ones, the content will always remain the king when it comes to the viewers’ choices. If you are searching for What to Watch on YouTube? (2021), then in this article we have listed the best YouTube Channels that guarantee a lot of entertainment and awesome content!

What to Watch on YouTube

What to Watch on YouTube? Here’s a list of popular YouTube Channels that are worth checking out:


Like watching epic fail videos? If you always look forward to watching funny, hilarious videos, then this YouTube channel guarantees to give you light-hearted content videos. A great stress buster if you search for funny content videos to watch at the end of a long, tiring day!


Need inspiration for a good body, mental well-being, and overall fitness? This channel showcases useful videos pertaining to fitness. From cardio, kickboxing to Yoga; you can find all types of fitness videos here.

The easy-to-follow fitness videos are pretty helpful for those who have just started their fitness regimen and gradually wish to increase their stamina and liking towards overall good health! The featured full workout videos are helpful to follow and get inspired from!


What to Watch on YouTube

Liked to watch cooking videos? Do you look forward to preparing interesting and yummy food dishes? This channel features amazing cooking videos for you to get your culinary skills polished! From easy-to-make recipes to more complicated ones, the recipe videos on this channel are explained in a simple manner!


Don’t wonder anymore about What to Watch on YouTube? (2021). From any random topics to curious topics like science or space; you can get all types of entertainment from this channel. Sometimes, we end up ignoring or underappreciating the common stuff around us. Through this channel, you can find the common yet interesting perspective of topics from everyday life.

From pop culture, entertainment, people, unusual reality; you can get interesting facts here!

NPR Music

If you adore music videos or learning everything about music as a genre then this channel features some awesome videos featuring music as a whole. From solo performances by new-age artists, acoustics, to popular concerts all over the world, this channel is a dedicated space for everything music!


For finding out interesting facts and stories in the world of entertainment, movies, TV shows; this channel could become your favorite. From the lesser-known facts, comedy to untold stories, you can get all the content here. If you are what they call an entertainment lover, then this channel will give you all the information you are seeking from the entertainment world!

Amazing Space

If you wish to find out what lies beyond the earth or planet that we live in, then the channel will definitely give you an accurate perspective for sure. From space station live streams videos, time-lapse high-resolution videos to getting knowledge of space as a whole; you will get to witness everything here.

You can check out amazing docuseries, breathtaking videos of space on this channel! With such amazing video channels, you are confused about What to Watch on YouTube? (2021) is tick marked for sure!

People Are Awesome

We all know the achievements of famous folks. But there are ordinary folks who are known for their extraordinary capabilities. From extreme sports, fitness regimen, lifestyle, mention-worthy achievements; you get to witness everything on this channel. This channel promotes videos shared by the viewers. If you have documented videos and feel they are worth sharing then you can feature them on this channel and become popular!


For those who like to explore the world around them or want to know the unknown facts surrounding us, then this channel is a must for you. Especially for science lovers, this channel offers awesome content videos.

Headed by Derek Muller, the channel has an interesting set of videos featuring topics like whether mobile phones can cause tumors, welding work in space, etc. The answer to unknown questions, you can definitely find it all here.

The School of Life

This channel can be called a school for adults. The content for videos revolves around life, culture, relationships, capitalism, comedy, and more. The idea here is to gain knowledge about various topics pertaining to life and follow a curriculum that you can relate to or wish to excel at!

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