It is understandably tough to keep up with Gen Z, especially because of their fickle-minded nature.

Every day the technology is improving and these children seem to be growing with them, just as quickly. Within weeks they discover something new and go with it.

Only until about 20 years ago, YouTube was unheard of.

There are all types of new wings that YouTube has come out with, that might take a toll on your memory.

It is hence, quite a natural response to ask what is YouTube rewind.

what is YouTube rewind Learn What is YouTube Rewind

 what is YouTube?

Let us first get a clear idea of what YouTube is.

YouTube as a company was started as a home video sharing application.

The founders of YouTube, namely Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim uploaded their videos

They were colleagues from the company of PayPal and wanted to share their home videos since they found that to be entertaining.

The company was registered on the 14th of February of 2005.

Shortly after the uploading of the first few videos on the platform, in May of 2005, it was recorded to attract more than 30,000 visitors per day.

The public version of YouTube was launched, there were already more than two million views on the available videos, recorded till December of 2005. 

Needless to say, the application crafted with the modest intention of sharing unprofessionally made videos had attracted tremendous attention.

Across the world and the company was forced to improve their facilities and their broadband services. 

There were more than 25 million videos on the platform, by 2006 and the founders were by now, running into troubles regarding copy written content. 

They then began the quest for selling their company. Google bought YouTube, for the price of 1.65 billion in stocks, in November of 2006. 

Within a year of launching an application, YouTube reached the pinnacle of success and has never looked back, since.

Google took care of the lawsuits made for the copy written content and negotiated with some companies to allow their copy-written content to be used on the platform. 

what is YouTube rewind

What is YouTube rewind?

It is one of the most astonishing records in business ventures by people who left a very successful company, to create history.

Today, the platform has over 800 million content creators on the platform and millions and billions of more watchers. 

There are stricter regulations on the platform and they are maintained strictly. The platform has now created paid and unpaid versions with allow certain content creators to partner with YouTube and create exclusive content.

This once humble startup now employs an unthinkable number of people and today, many kids grow up, idolizing the profession. Many creators have made their presence knows with the help of this platform.

This platform has been the reason for many artists exploring their inner desire to create art instead of working at a 9-5 job.

But enough about YouTube itself, let’s talk about clearing the clouds on what is YouTube rewind.

YouTube hosts the making of an annual video series, that star specific content creators on YouTube.

The tradition started first in 2010 when YouTube compiled all content creators that had successfully created viral content on the platform.

Every year the number of content creators that they feature seems to increase, reasonably.

Most of these videos are shot in Los Angeles.

There is no specific reason for that, it is just more convenient since most content creators stay there.

Some content creators that live in the extremities of the world, are flown to Los Angeles and then incorporated into the video.

It takes place over a couple of days or weeks, as is necessary.

Every year YouTube takes the responsibility to take us on a journey through memory lane.

To enjoy your the swift growth of your channel you require more and more subscribers to your channel.