What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube
What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube 5

YouTube isn’t just a video sharing and content consuming site anymore. In recent years, it is trying to become more and more social and networking friendly. From community tabs to stories, to a heightened discussions experience in the comment sections. Highlighted comments seem to be a topic of confusion for a lot of users, as the Internet would make it seem.  So, we’re here to remove that confusion and explain in this article what is highlighted comment on YouTube, as well as what it means, etc.

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What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube?

It is a comment with a “highlighted comment” text written over the top. It is highlighted because of reasons YouTube thinks it might apply to you. It would appear even above a pinned comment, which is a comment that is pinned to the top of the comment section by the creator of the video.

 Why Does a Comment Get Highlighted?

What is a highlighted comment on YouTube is a way to help you navigate through a comment section? A little like what Facebook does in its comment section, but to a lesser degree here, of course. Facebook’s default settings for the comment section are set to “most relevant,” meaning comments most relevant to you

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There are several reasons for a comment to appear highlighted to you. Here are some:

-  Notifications

 When you click on a notification that notifies you of a comment, it will redirect you to that comment section, and it will highlight the respective comment for you so you can find it easily. Some videos have hundreds, even thousands of comments to look through, so what is a highlighted comment on YouTube? A convenience to let you find relevant comments easily, saving you the trouble of having to look through so many.

look through so many
What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube 6

-   Time Stamps

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People like to talk about the specific moments in the video that they have opinions about, like a specific part in a vlog they found funny, for example. YouTube has been smart about that and highlighted time stamps when people point them out in the comments (or in the description of some videos, if mentioned). You can click them and they will redirect you to that very time stamp being discussed in it. When you do that, the comment you got redirected from gets highlighted so you know where you are coming from.

When you reply to a comment, your reply also gets highlighted. A text appears above it that says: highlighted reply.

Who Can See My Highlighted Comments?

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Just you! Highlighted comments are a personalized user experience introduced by YouTube. Each user only sees the comments highlighted on YouTube decides are relevant to them. So, your highlighted comments are visible only to you.

Can I Remove the Highlighted Text?

Highlighted comments aren’t a big deal, and there is not much to worry about them. But if they are bothering you, you can remove the highlighted text over a comment. It can be done by going over to the link at the top of the web page you are on, and just crossing out the YouTube link text after the ampersand (&) sign, and then reloading the page.

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Can I Remove the Highlighted Text
What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube 7

As you will see, the comment will no longer appear highlighted.

So, this was all about what is a highlighted comment on YouTube. Hope you found this guide helpful.