What Does Subscribing To YouTube Mean
What Does Subscribing To YouTube Mean? 18

A channel on YouTube simply means a collection of videos that different content creators put together. What does it mean subscribing to a YouTube channel? You will often come across a channel whose videos you love and would wish to see more each time they upload.


Subscribing to YouTube channels simply means that you want to see more content from those particular channels. Any new video that is uploaded by the channels will show up in your feed. YouTube also sends you emails when new content is uploaded to the channels.

   How to find channels to subscribe to

It is easy to find channels to subscribe to on YouTube. The easiest way is to browse by category. This will allow you to see different channels that are popular in your chosen category.

How to find channels to subscribe to

The second way of finding channels to subscribe to is to do a search of your interests on the platform. There is always the filter tab to help you narrow your choices to what is more relevant.

 How to subscribe to a channel

With a YouTube account, you will subscribe to a YouTube channel in seconds. Go to the page of the channel you want to subscribe to and click the subscribe button at the top of the channel. YouTube instantly subscribes you to the specific channels and also gives you an option of subscribing to the channel’s favorite channels.

How to subscribe to a channel

Here is how to subscribe to a YouTube channel when you are not already signed into your YouTube account:

  • Click sign-in on the YouTube website in the upper right part of your screen.
  • You have the option of using the search bar to get the channel or search for it manually.
  • Click on the subscribe button once you have located the channel. The subscribe button is on the right side of the screen near the top.

 Viewing your subscribed content

The list of channels you are subscribed to is usually displayed on the home page. Clicking on my subscription tab displays a list of the recent uploads other activities from the channels you are subscribed to. You may also click on each channel to see the list of what has been recently updated.

 How to manage subscriptions

To manage your subscriptions, you have to start by viewing all the list of the channel you are subscribed to. This allows you to either see the channels’ upload in your feed or show it as a public activity. You may create a playlist or make a list of your favorite channels. To get the most out of your channel, set YouTube to send you an email each time your favorite channel uploads.

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How to manage your Youtube notifications

The YouTube notifications simply let you know when new videos have been uploaded on the channels you are subscribed to. You may also receive notifications from your favourite channels.  To mute the notification button, sign in to YouTube and click on the profile picture on top of the screen, proceed by clicking settings and then notifications. Turn the notification button off.

How to manage your Youtube notifications

YouTube gives you the ability to control the kind of notifications you want to receive from them and how you want to. To select the type of notifications to receive, sign in to your Youtube account and go to notification settings. You will see several sections on the page, read through to see the type of notification you prefer and click on it.

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 What is the difference between notification and subscription feed?

Your subscription feed can show you the recently uploaded videos from your subscriptions on your computer or smart phone. 

Notifications will alert you when there are new videos and updates from the subscriptions. The notifications are usually sent via email. YouTube personalizes your notifications immediately you subscribe to a channel.

It is simple to get all the notifications from the channels you are subscribed to. All you have to do is click on the bell icon below the channel screen and it will instantly change to a ringing bell. This is an indication that you have accepted to be notified each time the channel uploads new content.

How to unsubscribe from youtube channel

You can always unsubscribe from a channel if you no longer want to receive updates from them. Click on the sign-in button on the YouTube website. Then click the menu button on the upper-left corner of the screen. Look for the subscription button on the menu section. The next step is to choose a channel that you would want to unsubscribe. Complete the process by clicking the unsubscribe button on the screen.

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What are the benefits of subscribing to YouTube channel?

Subscribing to the YouTube channels of your interest is a simple way of staying at par with the activities of your favorite content creators. You always get notifications on the latest videos from your favorite channels, this means that you no longer have to wait for news to break. YouTube also displays your subscriptions’ latest videos on your home page for easy access.

 Can you subscribe to YouTube without a Gmail account?

One needs a google account to sign in to YouTube. This is not meant to scare you if you do not have the google mail account! It is easy to make a Gmail account using any other mail that you may be having.  Go to google’s sign up without the Gmail web page and complete the form. You will receive a notification with instructions on how to go about watching YouTube without a Gmail account.

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 Final words

Subscribing to YouTube channels only means that you get to watch more of their content as soon as they upload. This keeps you current on what your favourite YouTubers are up to. As explained above, you may unsubscribe from a channel when you feel that you no longer want to watch content from it. It is never a crime!