What Counts as a View on YouTube
What Counts as a View on YouTube? 4

You might have come across a video you liked so much that you wanted it again. The view count may have increased when you watched the video the first time. Some videos receive millions of views on YouTube within the first few hours. It seems unlikely that a million people sat down to watch a video, so what counts as a view on YouTube? Keep reading to find out!

What Counts as a View on YouTube?

What Counts as a View on YouTube1
What Counts as a View on YouTube? 5

YouTube has established a proper system for video views to ensure that humans are watching the videos instead of bots. Often, people use bots just to increase the view count on their videos. This system is set in place to separate genuine views from fake ones. The algorithm counts a view only if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The user must press the play button and start the video.
  • The video must be played for a minimum of thirty seconds.

These conditions were set in place by YouTube as it allowed them to know that a real human was viewing the video. This means that the length of the video will not guarantee success. Even if you make an hour-long video, your channel won’t become successful if you are unable to capture the audience’s attention. Thus, the number of views acts as an indicator that tells the users whether a video is worth watching or not. If it has sufficient views, then people will willingly watch it, no matter how long it is. You can also take inspiration from viral videos and learn how you can improve your own. Do not be focused only on what counts as a view on YouTube because you need to prioritize producing excellent content first.

Your videos will get more views if you stick to the policies and standards that are set forth by YouTube. If you try to cheat your way into getting more views by using bots or buying YouTube views, then your video could get removed from the platform or your account might end up getting suspended. Therefore, it is better to work on getting real and organic views for your videos, rather than trying to find a loophole and working around it.

Do repeated views contribute to the total views?

Do repeated views contribute to the total views
What Counts as a View on YouTube? 6

Yes, if you watch a video multiple times from your account, it can be counted as a video view on YouTube. Often, if users like a video, they tend to watch it again, share with their friends on social media and share it on their social accounts as well. YouTube counts multiple views from you. When you watch a video again, it will be added in the total view count. However, it might not get counted as a new view.

There is no specific limit at which YouTube stops counting views from your account. Some people think that four or five views might be the endpoint and YouTube will not count repeated views from your account after that. If you watch the video again after 24 hours, your view will be counted then.

Now that you have read our article, we hope that you know what counts as a view on YouTube.