Ultimate Guide to YouTube Advertising in 2022
Ultimate Guide to YouTube Advertising in 2022 3

How does advertising on YouTube look like in 2022?

For one, it's one of the largest advertisement channels in the world.

The figures are not misleading. YouTube is now Google's second-biggest search engine, with 1.9 billion active users per month. Of those users, 50 million are content creators who upload 576,000 hours of video daily to YouTube.

By simply developing a YouTube business account and starting marketing on YouTube, you will set yourself apart from over 90 per cent of U.S. businesses.

The guide will help you overcome the challenge.

By the time you finish reading, you will be able to access the ad manager for YouTube and understand the six ad formats for the website. You'll also have a good understanding of targeting YouTube advertising and a clearer idea of how the channel can be monetized.

Let's continue with YouTube Advertising bread and butter: video ads.

YouTube video ad formats

With video material, people visit YouTube and it goes without saying that video advertisements are the most efficient way to reach your audience and create a brand on the site.

YouTube offers three video ad categories:

1. TrueView ads
2. Non-skippable video ads
3. Bumper ads

TrueView ads

TrueView ads are youTube's regular form of video ad. Advertisers only pay for TrueView advertising when viewers watch or engage with their commercials (e.g. by clicking on a call-to-action), and videos can easily be personalized to display a selection of content.

Advertisers pay only when a consumer watches the ad for at least 30 seconds or until the end of the video, or when the viewer takes action, such as a call-to-action button. YouTube demands that skippable TrueView ads have a period between 12 seconds and 6 minutes, and that non-skippable TrueView ads have a period of 15-20 seconds.

Non-skippable video ads

Clear talk: advertisements that are not skippable may be distracting, but they're here to stay. The Bonne News? People learn to tolerate them (or at least learn to do something else while playing) particularly because YouTube has cut the maximum duration from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads are the variant of non-skippable ads which is more tolerable and lasts at most six seconds. At the end of YouTube videos, they appear and are paid for on a CPM basis.

Since the bumper ads are small, they are suitable for targeting smartphone users. Sometimes, they're a perfect way to recycle material longer.

Why should you use TrueView Advertising in YouTube?

TrueView advertisements are a perfect way of getting to the target audience.

They are firstly low-risk.

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Note, when viewers choose to watch your entire commercial, display it for at least 30 seconds, or engage with the commercial in some way, you're just fined.

This is awesome.

And while 76 percent of customers are reflexively ignoring these advertisements, at least you can be sure that your money is spent on interested audiences.

Second, because TrueView advertisements are opt-in, you're not constrained by time limits.

This means you can play with various creative formats, such as product samples, testimonials, or how-to tutorials.

Grammarly, for instance, has used testimonials and product samples to great effect in their TrueView ads. A whopping 54.4 per cent of their social media traffic actually comes from the platform.

What's more, Google claims that when brands use TrueView, views of existing content will increase by up to 500 percent.

Now, let's look up out the other YouTube ad types.

What is a YouTube Sponsored Card Ad?

Sponsored YouTube cards appear as small Call-to-Action (CTA) popups inside videos.

Funded cards are a rather unobtrusive form of advertisement on YouTube. A tiny I icon pops up in a video's upper right corner, and the logo extends when a viewer clicks on it.

YouTube funded cards will use Google Shopping to highlight other YouTube videos, and products.

Google has a helpful guide to help you use the cards to build a shopping plan.

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What is a YouTube Display Ad?

Another basic YouTube advertising format is show ads. Such advertisements have been around for a while, and appear above the suggested list of videos in the right sidebar.

How To Advertise On YouTube

It will vary depending on your views on how you advertise on YouTube. YouTube ads may be used to raise brand recognition, affect the buying decision, increase sales or improve brand loyalty. YouTube video advertising can be used to push those targets in the following ways:

Build Brand Awareness

Introduce the company to people who don't yet know anything about it, or something. Contact people involved in similar goods and areas to you so that you know commonalities exist.

Influence the Buyer Decision

Videos that explain why your company is your customer's best choice, with hard facts to back it up, convert the best so you can capitalize.

Grow Sales

Branch out and test new approaches to lookalike markets you've never reached before. Research ways to link your product with others and begin sales to grow.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Invite your customers in your videos to talk about your company and show prospects that you are providing the best goods and services in the business.


We have already told you that video content is a must-have part of your marketing strategy. It is even more relevant now that youTube allows users to target advertisers based on their search history. YouTube advertising is more targeted than ever before, and is less competitive than Google Search's environment because video content is newer to the web scene and less popular than blog postings.

Stay tuned for updates from us on how to make better YouTube and social media video advertising, and where we think YouTube marketing is going next.