YouTube likes are something you hear every YouTuber ask for. They encourage you to like their video just as much they encourage you to subscribe. Even though likes don’t have a direct impact on your average CPM or the monetization of your video, they do affect your channel, indirectly.

Likes have become an important part of a YouTube channel. They hold so much significance that people even pay to get likes on their YouTube videos. You can get these paid likes for very low prices, so why wouldn’t you? But all is not good with these fake likes either.

Purchased likes also have some downsides. They aren’t always going to work out the way you want them to. Keep in mind that excess of anything is always bad. Same goes for bought YouTube likes.

Buying YouTube likes has its upsides and its downsides. It’s for you to decide how to cater these likes to your needs. If you’re intrigued by those advertisements of purchased YouTube likes at low costs, then you should definitely give this article a read first. Then you can decide whether or not you want to take them up on their offer.

So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about buying YouTube likes.

#1. Likes define authenticity and engagement

YouTube likes are a source of authenticity and credulity for the viewer. It affects the perception of your viewers regarding the video. People pay a lot of attention to the like-dislike ratio on videos. A higher like to dislike ratio means people are liking your video more whereas a lower one means people are disliking your video more.

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Things You Should Know About Buying YouTube Likes 5

A random viewer whose attention was caught by your title and thumbnail will look at the video’s like to dislike ratio before watching the whole thing. This is because this ratio is a quick source of feedback about the video. You’ll be surprised at how many people leave a video just because it doesn’t have enough likes on it. In this situation, buying likes helps a lot. Having those numbers under the like button will show people that the video is worth their time.

#2. More likes mean more engagements

There is a phenomenon known as social proof. In it, people tend to do the same thing as other people because they think that if a lot of people are doing it, then they’re probably right in doing it and we should do it too. This is a very real thing and it heavily applies on YouTube.

Things You Should Know About Buying YouTube Likes 6

Having likes on a video builds your social proof. It shows people that others liked what is in the video. Passerbys will be more likely to stick around and watch the video, and may even end up liking and subscribing. Some people value likes so much that they have a plugin installed that shows them the like to dislike ratio without clicking on the video. If your video has more likes on it, other people will like and comment on it even more.

#3. The YouTube algorithm

YouTube is operated by a smart algorithm that absolutely hates fraud and falsity. But it also favors engagements and traffic. So, this puts you in a weird dilemma of whether to buy YouTube likes or not.

The algorithm encourages likes on videos and recommends these videos to others. Apart from that, it shows more of what a viewer likes and, in many cases, it is videos from the same channel. This means that if you get likes on your YouTube videos, more of your YouTube channel will get promoted.

However, these like are only appreciated by the algorithm as long as they are from real people. Most people that sell likes do it by creating tons of fake accounts. These are basically dead IPs that are used only to like, comment or subscribe (depending upon the need).

YouTube has been hard at work to try to eradicate these fake views, likes and comments from their platform. If their algorithm finds such fake IPs collected on your YouTube channel, it will make your videos not get recommended and your channel will liable to potential account suspension.

#4. Do not do it with Google AdSense

This heading is in line with the one above, but because it is of utmost importance, we needed to mention it separately.

If your channel is monetized via Google AdSense, then absolutely do not buy likes (or any other artificial numbers) for your channel. It is against YouTube’s terms of service and the algorithm can much more easily catch you doing it because you are in the YouTube partner program. Once you get caught, your videos will get banned or, even worse, you can be expelled completely from YouTube.

Google AdSense
Things You Should Know About Buying YouTube Likes 7

#5. The risk of getting caught

Just as we said before, buying YouTube likes isn’t all good either. The biggest downside is the risk of getting caught. And this is a huge risk as well.

Having likes on YouTube videos is good, only if your likes translate well with your views. Imagine clicking on a video with 1,000 views but 10,000 likes. What will be your perception about the YouTuber who uploaded that video? Like many others, you will think something is fishy, and you won’t want to be associated with them.

Purchased YouTube likes are very easily caught. And buying YouTube likes is frowned upon. People want to watch authentic, relatable content on YouTube. So, going overboard with YouTube likes will have very negative impacts on your credibility. People will be first to point out that you’re a scam in the comments section and will start disliking your videos. You will lose whatever actual fans you do have.

Things You Should Know About Buying YouTube Likes 8


In the end, buying YouTube likes is a risk not worth taking, in our opinion. There are much better ways to grow on YouTube organically. Besides, even if you do buy YouTube likes, it’s not guaranteed that your channel will get any more traffic than it normally does. So, take our advice and stay safe from those ads.