The Ultimate Guide for New YouTubers
The Ultimate Guide for New YouTubers 3

Video websites such as Youtube make it possible for millions of people around the world to enjoy watching whatever they want. For content creators, YouTube means much more, it is a business.

It may not be all rosy for new YouTubers but the journey is worth in the end. Fortunately here is a guide to help you get started on YouTube. Read on….

1.   Know your audience

You cannot create content for people whose needs you do not know. You need to know what issues your audience face in their day to day life so that you create content that benefits them. 

2.   Have a content strategy

The focus should always be on your audience. Create content that is of value to the people watching you. It doesn’t matter how funny, witty or smart you are! You may not earn or build an audience if your videos are not talking to a group of people out there.

3.   Have your gears ready

 Most YouTuber use their smartphones when starting out, however, you may want to consider buying the following gears to enable you to create high-quality videos:

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 You might want to argue that a good camera is quite a huge investment. You are right! One fact you have to understand is that in-built webcams are of low quality and in most cases do not get the job done. As a beginner, look into investing in an external webcam to be able to upgrade your video quality.


 Let's be real, even the best cameras will not capture every detail in a poorly lighted room. A properly positioned house lamp does the trick in most cases. It doesn't matter which source of light you choose to use, make sure that the light is distributed evenly. Avoid excess backlighting. Ensure that the windows are closed or covered when you have enough room lighting.


 A microphone is a small gadget that largely affects the outcome of your videos. Shop around for an inexpensive microphone that gets the job done perfectly, there are several in the market.

 Video editor

Most people will begin by watching shorter videos and move to the longer ones if only they love what they watch at first. Your videos should be properly edited.  You owe your audience serious content.  You are not likely to create a good impression when you upload videos of you tripping over words.

There are quite a good number of free video editing tools such as moviemakers, VirtualDub and many more. They are easy to use and so you have no excuse.

4. Background music

Make videos that your audience enjoy. Background music makes the videos look professional. Wondering which type of music to use? There are several free tracks you can get from online platforms such as free music archive.

 A description box helps you drive traffic to your website. Add your website link in the description box and ensure it is below 27 characters to prevent it from being hidden. To add to your website optimization, add the video keywords in the box, this will help the search engines such as Google and of course YouTube rank your videos for the keywords that you are targeting your audience with.

6. Your title is essential

Add the keywords you want to rank to your title. You can also add the dame keywords in the description box as told above. This will make you rank much better.

Structure your titles to create suspense, include value or explain why one needs to match the video without wasting time. Just remember, a title packages your whole video, you might have created a good video but without a good title, not many people will want to click and watch.

7. Use the correct thumbnails

YouTube usually gives three thumbnails choices to every content creator. The first one is the ¼ mark, followed by the ½ mark, and finally the ¾ mark. Picking an image that will make your audience click right away is the trick. Use one of the markers to create an engaging image.

8. Build a playlist

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Building a playlist makes it easier for your audience to play one video after the other.  A playlist also ensures that your audience gets enough value out of your website at ago.

Understand that every playlist is a golden opportunity to rank on top of search pages. Click on the playlist tab while in the video manager and tab on a new playlist. Creating a playlist on YouTube is that simple!

9. Do not forget subtitles.

Captions or subtitles are vital for people watching your videos without their volume turned on. Hearing-impaired audience can also watch your videos and relate. Do not forget that the transcript text is also read by the YouTube channel crawling robots. This is exciting as it will significantly help you rank faster.

  • By choosing to edit a video, you can select the caption tab to get started.

10. Earn money through a partnership

YouTubers can earn money by signing up for YouTube partnership Program.  YouTube places advertisement alongside or in your channel and links the channel to a google AdSense account.

Having a monetization strategy is very crucial because it pushes you o market your channel for more views that finally translates into money.

11. Make use of a call to action

Do you know asking your audience to do something highly increases their chances of doing it? Remind them to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and the end of your videos. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your subscribers.

 Last words

YouTube is a huge platform with several content creators. As a beginner, it is normal to feel intimidated by the huge competition in your niche. You have to remember that it takes a lot of commitment before you can make money out of YouTube, so you need to keep going even when you do not feel like it. As long as you constantly create content that your audience relates to, you will be able to  make money from YouTube within a short time.