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Image by Arun Kumar from Pixabay

Youtube is the second-best search engine after google. The human mind is geared towards processing images faster than words. That explains the platform’s growth over the past few years. Each day, several influencers are engaging their audience with videos on You Tube but have you ever asked yourself which are the most subscribed YouTube Channels of all time?

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Each day, influencers are engaging audiences with video content. But which are the most subscribed YouTube Channels and YouTubers?

Here are the top 10 most subscribed You Tubers:

1. T-series (116 Million Subscribers)

The T-series channel is the most-watched You Tube channel with over 2.7 billion views monthly. This is an Indian channel popular for its Bollywood music videos. It was the first channel to hit 100 million subscribers making it the most subscribed Hindi/Indian YouTube channel.

The channel began in 2005; a year after the T-series channel was officially launched.

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