YouTube is the most famous app when it comes to watching video content. However, some developers have recently launched apps that are acting as the biggest competitors of YouTube by offering the same features and even better in some cases. Let’s look at some of the sites that are like YouTube in features and operation.

Apps or Sites That Are Like YouTube

There are other sites similar to YouTube that are not as popular. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Sites That Are Like YouTube 6

TikTok is a name that every Gen Z member is aware of. You might already have an account for all we know. TikTok lets you upload short videos that make it the best for video marketing and talent showcasing. The popularity of the platform has grown so much that almost all famous entertainment and non-entertainment personalities have an active account on it. When it comes to short videos, the answer is TikTok.

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sites that are like youtube
Sites That Are Like YouTube 7

Vimeo is considered to be the biggest competitor of YouTube up to date. Why is that? Other similar sites to YouTube have some drawbacks that make YouTube rise up again, but not Vimeo. It prefers quality over quantity. You cannot upload any video like on YouTube; it has to be high-quality directed content that can earn its own place. All artists and filmmakers prefer Vimeo over YouTube when it comes to real talent and work.


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IGTV or Instagram TV is another video hosting platform that works with or without Instagram linked accounts. It is more of a TV than a site. Unlike YouTube, IGTV works only on mobile phones where videos auto play as you are scrolling down. Moreover, all of the content is in full screen vertical format that makes it popular amongst Instagram and other influencers.


sites that are like youtube
Sites That Are Like YouTube 9

For a paid subscription, you can binge watch shows, movies and your favorite dramas without any interruption. It’s similar to YouTube Premium but there is no free version available, even with ads.

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Veoh isn’t popular among video hosting platforms but it is the most compatible version when you want to take some rest from the haphazard and packed homepage of YouTube. It is quite easy to find what you are looking for when it comes to Veoh and you can share it with ease.


When you can’t find something, what is your go-to site other than YouTube? Dailymotion is at the top when we talk about sites that are like YouTube. The layout is almost similar to how YouTube works. Even the video upload and styling seems similar to it. People usually try to access the content on Dailymotion that they can’t find on YouTube. Although it’s not that advanced, you can find some rare content here that is not available on YouTube.

There are a dozen other video websites with features like YouTube’s because of the increasing competition in the field, but YouTube is still the top priority for most users when it comes to video content. This could be because they have just grown accustomed to its features. Whatever the case is, you should check these amazing sites at least once to test their features.

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