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If you are looking to buy YouTube comments, Galaxy Marketing can be your best choice. Here you can buy real YouTube comments at a fairly low price! Comments are an essential part in the growth of your channel, but we don’t have to explain that to you. We keep your purchase anonymous and completely secure.

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How are YouTube comments Useful?

The secret behind all successful YouTube channels is not such a secret. All the videos have one thing in common, interaction. Views, comments, likes and shares, that are all a source of increasing engagement. On the one hand, this is certainly important for the community to be lively and engaged. This relatively easier and safer as the YouTube subscribers really stay with the bar, i.e. in your YouTube channel. If you buy youtube comments, more authenticity of your channel in result getting you more subscribers

The more interactions you receive on your channel in the form of likes and comments are, the more social media presence you have. As views, subscribers, likes and comments are the sole reason why new users get attracted to your content. It has been proven that social media users especially look around, linger, give away likes and become fans where many other people are already active. The phenomenon is called social proof and is well documented.

Many YouTube comments and other actions make your content widely visible and increase your reach and thus your value as an advertising partner for interested companies that could possibly offer you great opportunities to grow bigger. Unfortunately, you will soon realize that it is not easy to get many YouTube comments, especially as a new user because already existing users would have already captured your target audience.

Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

If you want to reach a high rank in the search results and be recognized by users around the globe, then yes you should buy YouTube comments without thinking twice. Not only will this help in your rank, but also increase your engagement and help you in getting registered with YouTube’s algorithm. The algorithm not only evaluates the number of subscribers and views positively, but also whether the viewers are really active on a channel. Your choices to get to the top and then of course to be noticed by even more people increase with every comment, like and new subscribers. A real snowball effect!

We are your YouTube marketing agency for more views, likes, comments & subscribers

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Get more comments for your videos

While there are plenty of strategies you can incorporate in making your content interesting. A few of the main techniques that can increase engagement in your comment section is by asking questions in our videos that encourage users to participate, or by having discussions related to topics that interest the audience. This technique will provoke different opinions and answers, if you ask explicitly for the opinion of your viewers and answer comments as well.

However, garner more comments requires for your video to already have enough comments for new users to see that others took the time to form a whole text for you video, hence, incorporating a single strategy may typically not be enough, especially in the difficult initial phase. That is why most YouTubers resort to the easy route and buy YouTube comments. This strategy has proven to be very successful, because by buying YouTube comments you get the ball rolling, and one thing leads to another.

After all, the goal of every YouTuber is to become an authoritative figure on the platform. With many likes and comments you achieve the important social proof, more and more people are attracted to your channel and your contributions. The more comments you get, the better you can learn about the preferences of your viewers and thus deliver better and better content, perfectly tailored for your target group.

Ways to Get More Youtube Comments

The comment section is a great source of help if you want to get to know your audience. Once the algorithm registers your activity, you can see where most of your audience is based. Be sure to buy comments in the language of your target audience. For example, if most of your audience is from Germany, you should definitely buy German YouTube comments or if you want to target any other country then you can opt to buy targeted YouTube comments. However, if you are internationally active, you can of course buy English comments as well. With a simple and inexpensive measure such as buying YouTube Comments, you can achieve the much-desired success with your YouTube channel much faster.

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More engagements for your channel

YouTube comments Buying from Galaxy Marketing – the right decision!

So if you want to give your great YouTube channel a boost and get off to a great start and therefore decided to buy YouTube Comments, you have to find a reliable partner. At Galaxy Marketing you can buy high quality German YouTube comments – and at the best prices. We know us perfectly with the topic YouTube comments buy and help you quickly and competently. Simply select the desired amount of YouTube comments from our extensive offer and pay safely and easily, e.g. with PayPal.

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What are the benefits of buying YouTube comments

Data protection is particularly important to us, which is why we handle our customers’ information and data responsibly. Everything is handled absolutely anonymously and the data is of course not passed on to third parties. No one will ever know that you have bought YouTube comments.

If you have any further questions, or if you are looking for a service and didn’t find it, or if you want to have an individually tailored package, feel free to contact us by email, our motivated and friendly team will be happy to help you. The Live Chat, which you can find at the bottom left corner of the website, is also practical.










Without YouTube, you just can’t imagine online videos – it’s just unthinkable. As the number of YouTube users grows day by day, the focus has shifted to engaging them and getting feedback to improve their experiences, attract more people and turn them into long-term customers. One of the best ways to engage them is through the comment function. The more comments you have, the more appealing your business appears.

Companies are shifting their marketing strategy to social media platforms, and YouTube is among the best. Why? Sharing videos is one of the most efficient ways to share information. It’s not only entertaining, but also engaging, and users will remember it for a long time. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is made up of thousands of pictures.

Among the options that companies can use in their search for a better image and increased sales are the comments. This is a convenient way to get in touch with potential customers and answer the questions they may have, whatever they are. Getting a significant number of comments among your videos can be an impossible task at first, but the good news is that now you can easily buy real YouTube comments.

Many people are not aware that they can buy YouTube comments and the benefits that come with them. This article therefore focuses on the reasons for buying comments and helps you find out if this is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle.

Promote interactions

Getting feedback from customers keeps companies on their toes. It helps to identify the weaknesses that need to be addressed & improve certain parts of your business.

Raise your ranking

It is important to understand that the algorithm used to rate YouTube videos on the site uses the number of interactions, views, likes and comments. This naturally follows: the more interactions, the higher the ranking.

Get more hits

Users will be more concerned about what most people are talking about. Before they exchange and discuss with other users in the comments, they will of course first watch your video.

how to get more youtube views


One thing about YouTube as an important platform for digital marketing is that users are attracted by masses. This means that once your video has a lot of comments, even more people are attracted. Many others are involved in the conversation, so you get the interactions you need for your business. Your task will be to keep the conversation going.


The purpose of using YouTube is to get as many views as possible on your videos, and if you would buy YouTube comments, you would get exactly that. As explained earlier, users are more concerned about what other people are already talking about. With the increased number of views, the video will be trendy and you will get even more views.

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"Rate of Engagement" steigern 99%
Ein besseres Image 95%
Erhöhe dein Ranking 87%
Werde ein YouTube Star 69%


After you have posted your video and received comments, you will be able to understand what you did wrong. After correcting it, you may find out how much you left out. This is where most customers will post their questions, and you should make sure you answer correctly. You can also use the comments to find out which areas of your production require more action, among other important business decisions. As such, buying comments leads to more interaction.


It has been proven that if you have a lot of comments on your YouTube videos, you might end up with more views. It is important to understand that the algorithm used to place search results on YouTube takes into account the number of interactions, views, likes and comments. And the higher the ranking, the more reach your videos have.
The importance of such visibility is that your business can be easily found by potential customers who want to buy from you. Always make sure that you place a link in your video description where your products and services can be found. This is an important reason why you should also buy YouTube comments.

how to get more youtube subscribers

make it easy for you

You agree that comments on YouTube videos are less frequent compared to Likes and subscribers. It can take a long time to get the right number of comments you've always wanted. To make things easier, you can buy YouTube comments from a number of different providers.
Before you are desperately looking for comments and might get cheated, you should check the providers and their ratings. The last thing you want is to buy junk comments that won't get you anywhere. You should also consider looking for professional advice. After that, you should be able to take full advantage of the potential of YouTube comments and achieve most, if not all, of the benefits mentioned above.

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