The social media platform YouTube seems to have grabbed the attention of everyone ever since it hit the internet. Its primary purpose was to provide a platform where entertainers could show off their talent to a wider audience, although it evolved to providing educational videos along with entertaining videos too! Now apart from the numerous questions people have about YouTube, YouTube comments seem to capture most people’s curiosity the most, especially the question of “what is the most liked YouTube Comments”. So, if this piques your interest, keep on reading, to know who has the most liked comment on YouTube.

Who Has the Most Liked YouTube Comments?

Who Has the Most Liked YouTube Comments
Most Liked YouTube Comments 12

The comment with the most likes on YouTube is by the popular YouTuber “Seth Everman”. This comment was made on a video made by Billu Eilish, labeled “Bad Guy”. The comment alone has gained over 3.3 million likes. Seth Everman himself has a great YouTube career going too. His channel has over 3.5 million subscribers. YouTube’s unique system of likes, dislikes, and comments allow YouTubers to gain necessary feedback to improve their content. The likes and dislikes button seems to be the most used, as it’s a quick and easy way to provide their feedback on the video without having to type out anything.

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The comment made by Seth Everman was “I’m the bald guy”. It’s a funny play on words and most people thought so too. Some people didn’t even know the context behind this comment, but it still managed to be the first comment on YouTube, to gain the title of the most liked YouTube comment and reach 1 million likes. By November 2022, it has gradually reached an astounding amount of 3.3 million likes. Now although this comment had the most likes, it’s since been deleted, however, the reason behind the removal of the comment has not been disclosed.

Reasons Behind it Going Viral

Reasons Behind it Going Viral
Most Liked YouTube Comments 13

Although it seems like an ordinary comment, there are some key elements why this is/was the most liked comment on YouTube. The first reason behind its popularity is that it was made by a well-known personality on YouTube, Seth Everman isn’t just a viewer of YouTube, he is a well-established YouTuber, known for his entertaining and comedic videos on the site. Thus, his fan following is one of the main reasons why his comments got the number of likes that they did.

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Now the video Seth placed his comment under was a music video, as he is already closely related to music, his comment under such content didn’t remain unnoticed for long. Thus, the content of the video under which you place a comment seems to matter a lot when making a comment viral. For example, if he had commented something under a health and lifestyle video, it might have gained popularity but it wouldn’t have been ranked number 1 in the most liked YouTube comments.

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Apart from the following and the unique placement of the comment, the content of the comment itself was short and funny. It was highly relevant to the video it was under and thus gathered a lot of attention. From multiple statistics, it’s been seen that short phrases and slogans seem to respond and perform best in Youtube’s algorithm. Comments that are short and easy to understand, tend to get the most likes, and this comment by Seth seems to be one that encompassed all the attributes that a good comment should have.


good comment should have
Most Liked YouTube Comments 14


Although comments and likes are not all there are when it comes to monetizing your videos, however, this doesn’t mean that they are not important for growing your YouTube career. The video with the most liked comments will ultimately go viral and reach more people, and thus increase your chance of reaching a larger audience. Seth’s comment was a miracle, that managed to gain so many likes. Although there isn’t a foolproof way to get the most likes on a comment on YouTube, it can be deduced that writing a comment, that is short, humorous, and relevant is bound to gain large amounts of attention. So, keep on writing funny comments, who knows your might just be the next liked to comment on YouTube!

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