Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? Debunking the Myths
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YouTube content has become the most effective way for brands to reach potential customers. Just as SEO, your video needs to show up on the trending list to increase the probability of your target audience finding it. However, with so many brands churning out videos every day, it can be challenging for beginners to attract many views despite making high-quality videos.

As such, content creators have resorted to purchasing YouTube views to increase viewership and the number of subscribers using their channels. While most people condemn the practice, it has proved worthwhile for content creators who just created channels. The next part of the text explains why you should buy YouTube views.

Why getting more YouTube views is better

Why getting more YouTube views is better
Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? Debunking the Myths 7

1.      Obtain Proof of Acceptance

YouTube viewers are likely to ignore your content once they find out you have only have a few viewers. The truth is, the more views your channel has, the more engagement it attracts. Simply put, viewers provide proof of acceptance.

This is because racking up a significant number of viewers creates the illusion of being an authority figure in that subject of interest. Additionally, it becomes easy to attract more viewers organically. It is the kind of push that makes your content difficult to ignore, leading to a higher ranking on Google’s algorithm.

2.      You are Already Paying for Ads

Many businesses use Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter cards to advertise their products and services and drive traffic to their videos. Thus, buying YouTube views is just another way of enhancing your channel’s visibility, drive traffic, and increase impression for your content.

3.      Enhance Social Credibility

More views and subscribers indicate your channel is trustworthy and creates an excellent first impression to potential customers. This is because people generally prefer listening to YouTube content creators with an established reputation. A study on social e-commerce showed that 70% of buyers base their brand choices based on popularity and the number of reviews of that brand.

Similarly, when you buy YouTube views, you increase the number of subscribers to your channel. This is because more views are social proof and creates the perception that you are an authority content creator in that particular niche.

4.      Creates a Smooth Start

Once you launch a YouTube channel, your first few videos are most likely to attract few or zero views. Buying YouTube views comes in handy as you attract user engagement immediately. The few thousand views create a great first impression on your target audience, causing them to subscribe.

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5.      If you Want to Participate in Internet Marketing Campaigns

Buying YouTube views is useful when creating new marketing campaigns, and you don’t have enough social resources. The views go a long way in enhancing your brand’s credibility during the early phase of the campaign.

Potential customers will be more inclined to watch your videos and try out your products or services due to a large number of views. Be sure to buy high-quality views to increase credibility to your target audience. Low-quality views usually have a low retention rate and are more likely to be removed from YouTube. There are three ways of buying YouTube videos:

  • Through official channels: Also known as AdWords, you are required to pay Google for the views. It is the best way of purchasing legit views and less likely to cause adverse effects
  • Paying a low-quality seller: This method is ideal if working on a budget as you get to pay as low as $10 for 100,000 views. However, the quality of the views is not great as you will probably get bots or views from shady websites
  • Through third-party sources: The method involves buying views from legitimate sellers like Fiverr. The views obtained are legitimate though they are often incentivized. For example, a site may provide credits to users watching videos. Credits earned are then spent on gift cards once the users rack up hundreds of view time

Be careful to identify fake sites promising to increase viewership. Luckily, they are a lot easier to spot on YouTube because they don’t provide individual view data. Instead, you will be provided with an aggregate figure. Other signs of a fake site include:

  • Having an unusually high view count: The view count does not always determine the authenticity of a channel. A fake channel may have over 9000 views and a real one less than 100 views
  • Videos with little engagement: If a channel has more views and relatively few comments, it’s more likely to be fake
  • A channel with fewer subscribers than the view count: The number of subscribers increases along with the views. If videos have a million views and only 100 subscribers, it could be fake
  • If videos have many views that don’t translate into likes: Subscribers watching content may like or dislike a video. Fake viewers, however, hardly take any action

6.      Increase Your Success rate

When you buy YouTube views, you increase the probability of attracting more viewers and subscribers. More views enhance your ranking, so you are likely to rank on the first page of search engines. Also, increasing the number of views attracts competition from top-ranked YouTube channels.

7.      Increase the Probability of Going Viral

Views and shares increase the chances of a video going viral, and buying YouTube views should convince users to view your content. The additional views give your content that initial push that creates a positive impression on the target audience that ensures no one ignores it. Additionally, accruing more views and organic likes increase the likelihood of getting your content shared and landing a viral hit if it’s exciting.

8.      Increase Rank on Searches

Increase Rank on Searches
Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? Debunking the Myths 8

YouTube video statistics show there are a billion visits every day. As such, the site provides an excellent platform for feeding your audience and marketing your brand. However, it also means you need to put in significant effort to attract engagement.

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The number of views is an essential factor that determines your channels rank on SERPs along with the number of positive ratings, the watch time, and the number of comments it has. Buying YouTube views is one effective way to help your channel rank higher on top of searches within the platform as well as Google. With Google using a search algorithm that favors YouTube content, having a large number of views and likes makes it easy for Google to find your channel.

9.      Encourages Audience to View Content

When you purchase YouTube views you encourage more people to come and view the content. Social media statistics show that no one wants to be the first to see or like a video. Thus, the best indication that a channel or video is worth anyone’s time is having hundreds of views or likes.

10.  Drive High-quality Traffic to Your Website

Having hundreds or even thousands of YouTube views is the best way to advertise content through your viewers. This way, you drive considerable quality traffic to your site’s business. Every captured audience from a video view becomes a potential customer for your products or services.

What’s more, if you have created the content to promote your brand or attach a link in the description, buying YouTube views could significantly increase traffic to your website. If the audience is in the relevant category, such traffic may convert into sales.

11.  Your Competitors are Also Doing it

Many YouTube content creators with high numbers of views, shares, likes, and impressions initially boost their reputation by buying views. You may as well follow suit. Buying the views levels the playing field, especially if you are a beginner giving your content as much initial impression to outdo competitors in that niche.

12.  Increase Popularity

If your videos have a lot of views, it is an indication of the popularity of your content. Buying YouTube views helps gain such popularity and encourages more people to view your videos. Imitating such viral behavior keeps subscribers eager to watch your next video.

 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

Myths About Buying YouTube Views
Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? Debunking the Myths 9

Buying YouTube views certainly presents many advantages to content creators. The benefits are innumerous, from improving search engine rankings to gaining more subscribers to increasing traffic to your website. However, some myths prevent users from deploying the practice to grow their YouTube channels. We explain ten of them:

The practice is not illegal. While there are tactics like tricking people into watching videos or generating bot views are against YouTube’s terms of service, they are still regarded as 100% legal. You only need to find trusted and reputable sites to purchase the views. YouTube keeps on advertising ways to buy genuine views for accounts.

2.      Buying Views is the Only Way to Increase Viewership

It couldn’t be further from the truth. There are multiple ways to increase views for your channel. Keep in mind YouTube uses several metrics to rank videos, and the number of views is just one metric. Additionally, if you are integrating other optimization strategies like using high-quality titles, adding relevant tags, or adding closed captioning, your channel should still rank high.

3.      There’s no Need for Buying Comments or Likes

Views don’t always increase the credibility of your video. Feedback in the form of likes and comments gives your content credibility as it is proof of actual interaction with content. What’s more, such engagement helps rank your content higher and increases traffic to your channel.

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4.      Comments Bought are Generic

Some companies indeed sell generic and irrelevant comments. It would help if you looked for companies that offer relevant comments or allow you to customize them to your target audience.

5.      Renowned YouTubers Don’t Purchase Views

Most people assume only beginners purchase YouTube views. On the contrary, many prominent YouTubers, artists, brands, and celebrities buy views to achieve social proof and improve ranking. They can attest to reaping its benefits.

6.      All Views Bought are the Same

It is not true. Each view varies based on location, viewer retention, and click rates. Cheap views are often obtained from click farms or bots, while quality views are sourced from social media and websites. Brands using cheap views are likely to attract penalties as they are often generated through artificial techniques.

7.      Views Bought are Fake

It’s easy to assume that bought views are generated falsely using automated techniques. The truth is that purchased views are not entirely fake. Instead, brands purchase views through third-party companies that pay incentives to people watching the videos. Choosing a high-quality and reputable company guarantees authentic views. What’s more, brands can purchase YouTube views from YouTube itself through ads.

8.      The View Count Can Get Stuck at 301

YouTube usually evaluates the authenticity of your views once you attain a viewing count of 301. It doesn’t mean your view count gets stuck here after purchasing views. Instead, buying views helps generate more organic traffic.

9.      Videos Will be Deleted

The only reason that may cause YouTube to remove your channel from the platform is if it contains sensitive information that violates its terms and conditions. Otherwise, buying views hardly causes your videos to get deleted. Even after purchasing fake views, you are confident that your channel will remain intact. However, if you are buying from third-party sources using apps to generate views, then you risk penalties as you are acting against YouTube’s TOS.

10.  The Account Might Get Banned

The Account Might Get Banned
Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? Debunking the Myths 10

Again, your account can only get banned when your content violates YouTube’s terms and conditions based on that country’s policies. If buying views from a reputable provider, you are confident that you are purchasing legit views and hardly risk getting banned. If it were the case, then content creators would purchase views from their competitors just to get them banned.

Buying YouTube views is an obvious way of jumpstarting your channel. A few thousand views enhance credibility and increase visibility. Since Google’s search algorithm works in favor of YouTube content, you should expect that content with higher views and likes ranks higher.

Higher ranking ultimately translates into more subscribers and more exposure, which YouTubers can leverage to create even more videos. Thus, when you buy YouTube views, you are only enhancing your ability to achieve all such objectives. Keep in mind buying YouTube views is only a part of the broader optimization strategy. Also, be sure to look out for fake views or third-party companies selling such views. Authentic views should generate organic traffic to your channel.