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Not only is YouTube a video sharing website that allows users to share their ideas and interests with the world, it is also a remarkable marketing tool. Large and small businesses turn to YouTube to support existing clients and reach out to new ones. YouTube is as equally important as a marketing tool to the corner storeowner as it is to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
The questions that arises, however, is why YouTube has gained such an essential standing as a tool for digital marketing. After all, it is not the only video-sharing platform that is active online. Neither is it the only that offers marketing services. Yet, none of the other services have received the attention of marketers and business owners.
The answer to this is simple. YouTube simply gets more traffic than any other video sharing portal online. Consider a superstore that sells good-quality products but is situated on a street with no footfall. Now consider a store that sells the same quality products but is situated on a busy high-street. The high-street store will be a more desirable location for brands to advertise in simply because of the higher footfall.
Such is the case with YouTube. Because YouTube receives a higher number of visitors, it is the ideal portal for brands to reach out to potential customers. Just as high traffic benefits YouTube, high traffic on your video will benefit your business. There are a lot of ways in which a higher number of views work towards growing your business. Here are all the ways in which views benefit you and your business.

Views Determine Success

Views Determine Success
How YouTube Views Benefit Your Business 11

A good video that grabs the viewers’ attention possesses the potential to attract hoards of customers to your business. However, a good video is only as effective as the number of people who view it. Without viewers, your video will settle in an obscure corner of YouTube’s ever-growing catalogue of videos.

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YouTube has an average of two billion registered users worldwide. These users watch thousands of hours of videos on a daily basis. This is a tremendous amount of people, and tremendous opportunity that is going to waste if your video is not getting any views. Almost five billion videos are watched on average every day, by viewers from all corners of the globe. This means that your target audience is sitting ready to be exposed to your product or service.
Another way in which YouTube presents great opportunity to your business is through its search engine. YouTube has the second-largest search engine in the world. Like its parent-company, Google, YouTube has incredible search engine optimization and utilizes SEO best practices. Provided that you have taken the necessary considerations into account when uploading your video, YouTube will make it easy for your target audience to find it.

Views Bring Traffic to Your Website

YouTube’s large userbase and the sheer number of videos that are being watched on a regular basis can be used to your benefit. It is one of the most effective outlets to introduce your brand to millions of people and tell them what it’s all about.

Because of the shifting nature of how we consume media, YouTube videos reach people much easily than conventional channels such as television. Therefore, YouTube advertising now delivers a higher success rate than television advertising, which is more expensive and less effective. It should, however, be noted that YouTube is only effective is your video is receiving a generous number of views.

Views Bring Traffic
How YouTube Views Benefit Your Business 12

Higher viewers mean that more people are becoming aware of your service and finding their way onto your website. If the content you have posted is captivating or informative, these people could be recommending or sharing their video within their circle of influence. This is a completely free form of advertising that you are achieving by simply uploading your unique content on the website.

Views Boost SEO Ranking

Views Boost SEO Ranking
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At the end of the day, YouTube is essentially a website, and like any other website, its content is catalogued on Google, the largest search engine in the world. Google search returns a combination of images, videos, and news in its search results. Because YouTube is owned by Google, content hosted on YouTube is given preferential treatment over that hosted on other video sharing websites.
This is the reason why YouTube videos often show up at the top of search results whenever you search for anything. However, just because YouTube videos show up at the top of results does not mean that yours will. YouTube pushes relevant videos to the top of its search results. The relevancy of a video is determined by a combination of factors, the most important of which are the views your video receives.

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Higher views also boost your overall SEO ranking. This is what determines how high you show up in  Google’s search engine. A good SEO ranking not only ensures that you end up on the first page, it can also push you to the list of suggested videos that are highlighted at the top of search results.

Views Represent Your Online Reputation

The number of views your videos have on YouTube are an indication of your business’ popularity. Although these views may not directly result in increased business, there are a number of ways in which your business still benefits. Linking your website and social media pages to your YouTube videos gives potential customers an easy channel to connect with you directly.
Not everyone who watches your video and ends up on your website will make a purchase. However, some of these people may find your content interesting and share in on their social media page. Since YouTube videos are optimized for sharing on any number of social media websites, your exposure increases every time the video is shared.

Online Reputation
How YouTube Views Benefit Your Business 14

Higher exposure results in more users becoming aware of your product and service. When these users make a purchase or avail your service, they will recommend it to even more people within their social circle. Satisfied consumers are the best form of advertising businesses can hope for to boost their popularity.

Views Can Make You Go Viral

Go Viral

We’ve all heard of viral videos and watched more of them than we care to remember. Viral videos have become associated with entertainment due to the nature of videos that normally go viral. However, viral videos are not all about real-life bloopers or animals acting funny. Any video that garners overwhelming response from viewers can be categorized as a viral video.
The benefit of having a video go viral is that you, the content creator, do not have to invest money or effort, in promoting it. Your video will get carried around from social media platform to social media platform by viewers who watch it. If your video has a large number of views on YouTube, there may also be a chance that it will show up in the website’s Trending section.

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Viral videos are the most effective form of marketing. That being said, generating viral videos is no easy task. For a video to go viral, the content must be catchy and relevant. It must be catchy so that it attracts viewers. And it must be relevant, so viewers feel the urge to share it with others. A lot of clickbait videos are catchy but irrelevant, which is a nuisance that viewers do not appreciate.

effective form of marketing
How YouTube Views Benefit Your Business 15

Views Can Deliver Direct Monetary Reward

If you are among the many unfortunate souls not subscribed to YouTube Premium, you must have noticed the many banners and ads that keep popping up in the middle of videos. These ads show up on videos that have been set up for monetization by the content creator. Each time a viewer views an ad on a video, the owner of the video gets paid a commission. This service is known as Google AdSense.

How YouTube Views Benefit Your Business 16

A lot of content creators use AdSense as their primary source of income. The more ads you allow YouTube to embed within your videos, the higher the potential for return. However, if you are a business, you do not want your customers to be annoyed or distracted by the ads. Keepings the ads to a bare minimum will still allow you to earn a decent amount in addition to your primary income.


YouTube has become one of the most important influencers of today’s day and age. It has turned ordinary people into celebrities and helped celebrities cultivate a larger fan following. YouTube provides free platform for aspiring content creators with a talent for vlogging to share their work.
Who had thought that a seemingly ordinary video sharing website would one day have the power to change fortunes? This is as true for businesses as it is for vloggers. YouTube is the best digital marketing channel businesses can employ to promote their products and services. The only catch is viewership. Without views a businessowners cannot hope to generate significant interest in their business.
Uploading quality content that is not only attractive but also a worthy investment of the viewers’ time is the key to successful YouTube marketing. Relevant content will receive more reviews and your business will see higher interest and higher sales as a consequence.