Do you want to watch that new music video with your friends? Are you wondering how to watch you tube with friends? Then, this article is just for you. we have listed the top 3 sites that will allow you to watch YouTube videos with friends.

How to watch you tube with friends

Watching movies on Netflix or sharing YouTube videos with friends has its own fun and a certain charm. While Netflix has made it easy to watch movies and series together with Netflix watch party feature, most people do not know how to watch YouTube with friends. YouTube does not have a built-in feature or special option that allows you to watch a video with someone else. So, if you and your friends live in different cities, you are probably looking for a way to watch YouTube videos with friends.

Here are our top 3 options that tells you how to watch YouTube with friends.

1.  Watch2Gether

how to watch youtube with friends
How to watch YouTube with friends 4

You can use Watch2Gether and watch videos together for free, meaning, you do not need to make an account for this site. All you have to do is to create a room and then share the URL of the room with your friends whom you want to watch videos with. Your friends can join the room by clicking on the URL. Then you can start watching videos together, you can either use a link from a chosen YouTube video, or you can search using the search bar to find the video you are looking for. There is an option to chat and send texts to others as well. thus, you can watch videos and chat at the same time in the same place. This is quite convenient.

2.  SyncTube

how to watch youtube with friends
How to watch YouTube with friends 5

SyncTube also allows you to set up a room and invite your friends to join the room. You can watch any YouTube video you want by either searching or using the link of a YouTube video. This site has a clean and simple interface.

SyncTube gives you access to change the privacy settings of the room and also set certain user permissions. You can restrict random users from joining the room by changing the privacy settings. You can also control whether you give access to all room members or just yourself for changing videos, etc.

3.  Sync Video

Sync Video
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Sync Video also has the same features as in the previous ones. You can control who enters your room by sharing the room’s link. You can enter the URL of any YouTube video and play it. If you want to play more videos after the current one, it will be added in the que and will be played one by one.

It has a good feature that pauses or stops the video for everyone in case internet connection of any participant is bad and their video is lagging. This feature really lets you get the feel of ass if you were watching the video together.

These are our top 3 picks for sites that let you watch YouTube videos together with friends.  There are other sites that you can explore as well.